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From March 22 to April 2 in 2024, Chiyoda City Sakura Festival will be held. Along Chidori-ga-fuchi Greenway that is as long as 700 meters, about 260 trees have cherry blossoms in full bloom and during the festival, the Chidori-ga-fuchi Boat Pier opens specially at night for you to appreciate the illuminated night cherry blossoms and see them above the water of the moat. Now we are going to introduce selected famous cherry blossom sites and nearby gourmet sites for you to enjoy the festival a lot more. Use the information to have more wonderful Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) with exquisite food and sweets.

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Chiyoda City Sakura Festival
Chiyoda City Sakura Festival, held from late March to early April. Every year, more than one million people from inside and outside Japan come to appreciate cherry blossoms. They carry out LED illumination of Chidori-ga-fuchi Greenway which spreads 700 meters and open Chidori-ga-fuchi Boat Pier at night time. You can enjoy night cherry blossoms from the moat above water.

CAFÉ 33CAFÉ 33 sells many kinds of drinks in Kitanomaru Garden, with about 230 cherry blossom trees.


CAFÉ 33 is located in Kitanomaru Garden, five-minute walk from Subway Kudanshita Station or Takebashi Station. This is a park café where you can enjoy dining watching trees, plants and flowers inside the park.


With 230 cherry blossom trees including mountain cherry blossoms, Yoshino cherry trees and Oshima-zakura cherry blossoms planted, Kitanomaru Garden is a place famous for cherry blossoms. CAFÉ 33 has terrace seats and this is a park café where you can enjoy dining viewing cherry blossoms.

B.L.T. Focaccia sandwich

They serve light snacks like sandwiches, pizza, salad and so on. They also serve filling dishes like rice bowl dishes.


They have lots of kinds of drinks on the menu. Besides black tea and coffee, herb tea, chai, chocolate drink, frozen drink and as for alcohol drinks, they have beer, highball, small bottles of wine and so on.

Kitanomaru Garden

You can take out everything on the menu, so it's recommended to head for the next cherry blossom viewing spot with food or drink in your hand.

 CAFÉ 33

CAFÉ 33 Read more

Address 1-1 Kitanomarukoen, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-3214-3730
Business Hour 9:00〜17:00 *武道館のイベントにより変更する場合あり

BRITANNIA TEABRITANNIATEA, you can enjoy black tea with selected tea leaves and fluffy chiffon cake sandwich


BritanniaTea is located along Yasukuni-dori Ave. four-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Station. This is a coworking space where you can taste black tea with selected tea leaves.


Inside the shop, on the first floor, there is an order counter, open space on the second floor and on the third and fourth floors, there are semi-private rooms and private rooms (payment required). Not only in the open space but also in semi-private and private rooms, you can use the cafe.


Sandwiches are recommended. The lineup includes four types of sandwiches, such as the Seasonal Fruit Sandwich with seasonal fruit sandwiched in between, Teriyaki Chicken with an addictive sweet-and-sour flavor, BLT, and Egg.


Walking 10 minutes from the shop toward Otemachi, you'll find the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace where there are 200 cherry blossom trees, so it can be fun to enjoy sandwiches under the cherry trees.



Address 1-1 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-6662-6648
Business Hour 9:00〜20:00 *武道館のイベントにより変更する場合あり

TiMiTiMi, recommended as a souvenir. Their original baked cakes made of fresh cakes are popular.


Timi, one-minute walk from Subway Hanzomon Station is a patisserie that carries mainly baked sweets and also sandwiches made of homemade bread. On the basement floor, there is a spacious eat-in space and you can use it as a café.


The most reputed product is Bake lineup. They bake fresh cake, Tiramisu, Mont Blanc, Fruit tart and so on into baked cake. They are new kind of sweets with unique texture. Cookie dough with cream and dried fruits. As they are baked sweets, they are easy to carry around so you can enjoy them when you go viewing cherry blossoms or go on a picnic.

Chidori-ga-fuchi Park

Places famous for cherry blossoms like Chidori-ga-fuchi Park, close to the Chiyoda City Sakura Festival site and a row of cherry blossoms in front of the British Embassy are close to the shop, so it's a good idea to keep on viewing cherry blossoms eating Bake.


TiMi Read more

Address Ichibancho Phoenixville 101, 15-20 Ichibancho Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-6272-4968
Business Hour 10:00〜20:00 (土曜は19:00まで)

Coffee and Onigiri PAMOJACoffee and Onigiri PAMOJA, rice balls carefully made using rare rice and specially cultivated rice.


Coffee and Onigiri Pamoja is located four-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Station. This is a café that mainly serves rice balls under the theme of Satisfy Your Stomach and Mind. Besides rice balls with carefully selected rare rice and specially cultivated rice, set menu with a lot of seasonal vegetables.


The lineups of Coffee and Onigiri Pamoja include a variety of rice balls such as Fresh Pepper, Ume Okaka (Plum and finely chopped dried bonito), Shiosaba (Salted grilled mackerel), Maguro Kombu (Bonito and kelp), Full of Fresh Tarako (Salted cod roe), Iwashi no Shoga-ni (Boiled sardines with ginger) and so on. Their rice balls with fresh, fluffy and sweet rice are different from other rice balls.


For take-out, they have Vegetable Deli Box that contains a lot of obanzai (traditional home cooking of Kyoto) and vegetables and Hugely polular Balanced box as well as rice balls. If you take them out to eat sitting on the bench on a sunny day, they can make your body and mind healthier.

 Coffee and Onigiri PAMOJA

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Address Villa Vista Kanda-Sarugakucho 1F, 1-2-6 Kanda-Sarugakucho, Chiyoda City
Business Hour 10:00-17:00 (営業状態はinstagramにて告知)

Patisserie EdmontFilling fruit sandwiches with refined fresh cream and seasonal fruits of Patisserie Edmont


Patisserie Edmont is inside Hotel Metropolitan Edmont, five-minute walk from JR Iidabashi Station or JR Suidobashi Station. The patisserie sells carefully made sweets originated in the hotel and a variety of bread.


Seasonal Fruit Sandwich is a luxurious dish with big pieces of fruits and a lot of fresh cream sandwiched. They add yogurt to fresh cream so the cream tastes light and fresh. In spring, they sell Mixed Fruit Sandwich and Strawberry Fruits Sandwich. You can fully enjoy the paring of seasonal fruits like thick pieces of pineapples, fresh strawberries, juicy kiwi fruits and fresh cream with refined sweetness.

Matcha Mountain
Chicken Keema Curry Bread

There are more variety of bread inside the shop. The spring version of their popular Danish Mountain, Matcha Mountain and Chicken Keema Curry Bread in which they use curry roux made in the hotel and so on.

A row of cherry blossom trees nearby Aiai bashi Bridge

It's recommended to walk along the row of cherry blossom trees nearby Aiai bashi Bridge over Kanda River in front of the hotel, eating fruit sandwiches and bread.

 Patisserie Edmont

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Address Inside HOTEL Metropolitan Edmont, 3-10-8 Iidabashi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-3237-7119
Business Hour 8:00〜19:00

AriorihaberiimasokariAriorihaberiimasokari, variety of dango you can take out. A Japanese café at Tokyo Daijingu Shrine.


Ariorihaberiimasokari is located five-minute walk from JR/Subway Iidabashi Station. It is a Japanese café on the approach in Tokyo Daijingu Shrine. Inside the café, you can have Japanese sweets like dango, ohagi, oshiruko and anmitsu.


You can take out their dango from just one stick. You can take out Mitarashi Dango, Yomogi Dango, Soy Sauce Isobe Dango as well as seasonal paste dango. There are many kinds to choose from. Other than dango, you can take out other Japanese sweets like ohagi and Daigaku imo (fried and candied sweet potato).

A row of cherry blossom trees in Sotobori Park

After visiting Ariorihaberiimasokari, it is recommended to pay a visit to Tokyo Daijingu Shrine where cherry blossoms bloom in the precinct, then walk around Sotobori Park where a row of cherry blossom trees stretches two kilometers.


Ariorihaberiimasokari Read more

Address Takeuchi Building 1F, 1-5-16, Chiyoda-Fujimi, Tokyo
TEL 03-6272-8113
Business Hour 平日11:00~17:00 土曜日10:00~18:00 日曜・祝日10:00~17:00


Check It Out
Sakura Festival in Chiyoda City
The entire 700 meters of the famous sakura-lined Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way will be illuminated with LED lights. Special night-time boat rentals will also be available to visitors hoping to view the cherry blossoms from the Chidori-ga-fuchi moat in the evening. In Chiyoda city, various shopping arcades and local organizations will be holding sakura-related events.




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