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We, Chiyoda City Tourism Association ("we"), comply with the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and all other relevant laws and regulations for the protection of personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy below.
We shall only acquire personal information when neccesary, after specifying the purpose of use, by legal and fair means, and with the prior consent of our clients.

We will not provide any of your personal information to any third party without receiving your prior approval. However, if a public institution, such as a judicial court or the police, requests information in accordance with the law, we may disclose or provide the personal information that you have provided to that public institution without prior approval.

In order to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage and/or modification of personal information, we shall take appropriate information security measures, such as procedures and countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.

We may commission the management and operation of this site to a subcontracting company. In doing so, we will ensure that any outsourcing companies also appropriately manage personal information to protect it from loss or unauthorized access.

When a complaint has been made concerning the handling of personal information from the relevant person, we will respond appropriately.
In addition, the set up and operation of the Chiyoda City Tourism Association Official Social Networking Sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo) will be in accordance with the Management Policy below.

Information on SNS may contain incorrect information that is capable of generating and spreading rumors. Please confirm the accuracy and source of any information before using it.

Regarding the Use of Images

This site uses works by the winners of the photo contest held by the Chiyoda City Tourism Association.

2015 / "Object and Mikoshi" by Kazuo Tanaka, "Going around the Kanda River" by Masatoshi Noto

2016 / "City Skyscraper" by Kazuo Ito, "Dream River" by Kan Phongjaroenwit, "Tokyo International Forum Glass Building" by Kunio Higuchi, "A Holiday Afternoon" by Hiroyasu Mizuki, "One Spring Morning Reflected in the Water" by Yusuke Mitsuishi, "Dusk at Ochanomizu" by Hiroshi Yokosuka

2017 / "Holiday" by Kosugi Kenjiro, "A Night at the Bookstore Town" by Kenki Uchikawauchi, "The Outer Garden Of the Imperial Palace - Where The Sun Comes Together with Everyone" by Naoya Ohmuro, "Time Slip in Yurakucho Food Street" by Tadao Kawaguchi

2018 / "Snowing at Tokyo Station Building" by Momoko Yamamoto, "Nijubashi and Swan at Twilight" by Yuzo Fujii, "Tanabata Decoration of Mitama Matsuri" by Yanagi Taniguchi, "Hatsugeshō" by Yukina Yamada, "Sunlight Filtering through Leaves" by Saito Chiho, "Colors of Hibiya Park" by Yumiko Niwa, "Autumn in the City" by Hiroyuki Kohiro, "The Way to the Future" by Kazuo Mochizuki, "Before the Shrine" by Zama Kenki




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