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-Experience the Heart of Tokyo-

Hello everyone! This is Marei, your Tourism Ambassador for Chiyoda City.

As one of many foreigners who've fallen in love with, and decided to settle down in this country, I would like to introduce its charming beauty and unique culture to tourists from all around the world.

One place that is booming with culture is Chiyoda City, right in the heart of Tokyo. In addition to the ever-popular Tokyo Imperial Palace or Akihabara, Chiyoda City is also home to many other distinctive areas like book town “Jimbocho,” music town “Ochanomizu,” or curry and bar town “Kanda,” in addition to its array of stunning parks and museums.

Let me share my insider's guide to Chiyoda City, an exploration of this beautiful area you won't find in any travel guide. Don’t miss it!
Marei Mentlein
Marei Mentlein

Originally from Germany, Marei has lived in Japan for 13 years. In exploration of her endless love for Japan, she lives in Tokyo, working as a TV commentator, translator and author. She is a photography and café lover.

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My recommended spots

Chiyoda Sakura Festival Live Stream
"Chiyoda Sakura Festival" Live Stream
Take a stroll with us under a canopy of blooming sakura, along the promenade of Chidori-ga-fuchi.
Date & Time: 2 April 2019 (Tuesday) 10:00–10:30 a.m. (JST)
Photo by Kanako Kato

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“Jimbocho”, the world’s biggest book town!
“Jimbocho” book town is the perfect retreat for avid readers, with about 200 stores offering vast selections of used books and old woodblock prints, as well as recent publications and manga. Have some coffee at a nearby café and get lost on the wonder of the written word.

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Curry, Curry, Kanda Curry!
With more than 400 specialty restaurants, Kanda is often called the “sanctuary of Japanese curry”. Let’s go on a trip to explore the most unique spots with the “Kanda Curry Meister”!

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Let’s go for a drink in “Kanda”!
If you ever feel like going for a drink in Tokyo, “Kanda” should be top of your list! With an abundance of traditional Japanese izakaya, yakitori restaurants, craft-beer, sake & wine bars, you will certainly find the very thing you’re looking for!

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“Ochanomizu” music town: Where music lovers gather
“Ochanomizu” is a hub for music lovers all around the world. With shops specializing in all kinds of musical instruments, doesn’t it make you want to learn an instrument too?

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“Hibiya Park,” an urban oasis!
Relax and enjoy Japan’s four seasons at “Hibiya Park” with traditional Japanese bon odori dances in summer, or beautiful red and gold autumn leaves, as well as countless other festivals and events throughout the year.

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Power spot “Hie-jinja Shrine”
Among locals, “Hie-jinja Shrine” is believed to be a power spot for good fortune in business and healthy relationships. With cute monkey statues and bright vermillion red gates, “Hie-jinja Shrine” is the perfect subject for your Instagram posts!

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Find your favorite museum at “Kitanomaru Garden”
“Kitanomaru Garden,” famous for its annual display of colorful autumn leaves, is home to four museums, all specializing in something different, ensuring you will be able to find a museum that will spark your interest.

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My three favorite illumination spots in Tokyo!
Every winter, the streets of Tokyo turn into a wonderland of shimmering lights. My recommended spots for a walk among the illuminations are right in Chiyoda: at Tokyo Michiterasu, Marunouchi-Naka-Dori Street, and inside KITTE department store.

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Tokyo Imperial Palace Run: Combine sightseeing with running
Rent some sports-wear at a runner’s support facility and challenge yourself to a jog around the imperial palace itself! It’s a great way to combine sightseeing with exercise, and if you happen to fall in love with running in the open air, you can head on over to Ogawamachi and buy your own stylish sports gear.

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Rent a boat and enjoy the four seasons of “Chidori-ga-fuchi”!
Chidori-ga-fuchi, famous for its scenic sakura landscape in spring, is actually beautiful all year round. Participate in the summer-time “Chiyoda City Floating Lantern Festival or check it out in autumn to enjoy the vibrant colors of the leaves.

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