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  • Editor's choice: 3 restaurants for cold winter weather recommended by editor-in-chief Marei
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We introduce attractive spots in Chiyoda Ward chosen by Editor-in-Chief Marei: 

The perfect way to warm up again after being outside in the cold is to eat a hot delicious meal together with family and friends!

In this special feature, Editor-in-Chief Marei picks three "foods for cold winter days" and introduces restaurants that offer them!

DekunobouA restaurant where you can bake “Okonomiyaki” and “Takoyaki” yourself! (Dekunobou)

You might have heard that Japan’s soul food “okonomiyaki” was a big hit in the Olympic Village. If you are interested in making okonomiyaki and takoyaki yourself, we have the perfect restaurant for you! Located in the famous bar quarter Kanda, “Dekunobou” is the place to go!

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    All tables have large specially custom-made iron griddles built into them.

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    This is how the takoyaki turned out (after a long struggle)

"Dekunobou" offers various types of standard and original okonomiyaki and takoyaki. There is something for everyone's taste. When preparing the food yourself, the result might not be perfect, but it's so much fun to cook toghether with family and friends. And somehow the takoyaki and okonomiyaki you baked yourself taste even better than the "professional" ones.
Why don't you try making teppanyaki at "Dekunobou"?

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    Marei baking okonomiyaki

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    Okonomiyaki with sauce, mayonnaise, and nori seaweed


Dekunobou Read more

Address 3-18-7 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3254-9044

TOKITSU NADAAuthentic “chanko nabe” produced by a former sumo wrestler (TOKITSU NADA)

When speaking of delicious Japanese winter food, “o-nabe” or “nabemono” (meaning hot pot) is one of the most popular meals. “TOKITSU NADA” in Kanda Nishikicho is a full-fledged “chanko nabe” restaurant opened by a former sumo wrestler.

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    A cartoon portrait of the former sumo wrestler, Tokitsunada, at the entrance of the restaurant.

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    The sumo wrestler’s chopstick rest is too cute!

The specialty of this restaurant, which is overwhelmingly popular on gourmet ranking websites, is “Kurobuta and Jidori no Shiomi Chanko Nabe”, which is chicken and pork chanko nabe with a salty flavor. Due to the big size of the dish, chanko nabe is usually shared by a group of people. At this restaurant during dinner time, you can order hot pot when ordering for at least two people. However, during lunch hours, you can also order a “chanko nabe lunch set” for one person.
The salty chanko nabe had a very rich taste thanks to the soup stock containing chicken, pork, and vegetables. Also, don't forget to order a "shime", which is noodles or rise you mix into the soup reftover and prepare one last dish!
Have a nice winter season – of course with a delicious hot pot!

It is so nice to sit in a circle around a huge pot and share a meal with family and friends.



Address 1-21 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6273-7371
Business Hour 11:30~14:00(last order 13:30 / 月~金) 17:30~23:00(last order 22:30)

Kanda Gyoza Main Store (Tenko Gyoza Bo)Try all kinds of delicious gyoza at a "gyoza paradise"! (Kanda Gyoza Main Store (Tenko Gyoza Bo)

With a history of over 60 years, “Kanda Gyoza Main Store” is a well-known gyoza dumplings restaurant in the area. The restaurant offers 8 kinds of gyoza.

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    The menu features various types of fried and boiled gyoza.

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    Editor-in-chief Marei comparing different types of gyoza

While comparing boiled dumplings, the restaurant’s famous “kurobuta pork dumplings”, and the crispy “pari pari gyoza”, Marei bacame a fan of the restaurant. With its long history and the chance to compare different types of gyoza this gyoza restaurant is a must-visit for all dumpling fans out there!

The crispy gyoza were Marei's absolute favorite gyoza!

 Kanda Gyoza Main Store (Tenko Gyoza Bo)

Kanda Gyoza Main Store (Tenko Gyoza Bo) Read more

Address 1-4 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3292-5965
Business Hour 月曜日~金曜日 11:30~22:30(L.O22:00) 土日祝日 11:30~19:30(L.O19:00) 日曜営業




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