Useful Information

Barrier-free information
Sightseeing in Chiyoda City barrier-free guidebook "phosphorus Chiyoda which comes"

We publish sightseeing in barrier-free route of all 6 Chiyoda City courses so that anyone sees the sights happily through way with a few barriers!
Facility and restaurant information corresponding to barrier-free including restroom are various booklets in slope and anyone. (All 36 pages, A5 size)


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Tokyo barrier-free information (NPO corporation Reeve with dream)

Around Chiyoda City, Tokyo, we show around barrier-free information of Tokyo.

Tokyo Tours barrier-free information guide (Tokyo homepage)

We introduce 30 courses that ties the sightseeing spots in Tokyo.
We publish sightseeing information of each facility, barrier-free information, restroom information, point at the time of movement.

Muslim-adaptive information
Chiyoda City government office Muslim MAP "TOKYO MAP for MUSLIMS Chiyoda City"

We show around Muslim MAP which Chiyoda City government office issues.


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Muslim tourist acceptance-response facility introduction brochure "TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers' Guide"

Useful Information
The public, park restroom (Chiyoda City homepage) of ward

Chiyoda relief restroom promotion business (Chiyoda City homepage)

Smoking area -FREE SMOKING AREA MAP- (Chiyoda City homepage)

Disaster prevention information disaster evacuation place (Chiyoda-ku homepage)

Please wait in safe building without being thoughtless, and starting movement when large-scale disasters occur.
However, case that we felt danger in building or case that there was outdoors, please evacuate to evacuation place at the nearest disaster.
Disaster evacuation place is temporary evacuation place to secure personal security avoiding danger and confusion just after disaster.
By emergency broadcast systems, it is hard to come home and, at the time of disaster, performs local reporting including service information of the establishment situation and public transport of acceptance facility at person 1:00.




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