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We introduce attractive spots in Chiyoda Ward chosen by Editor-in-Chief Marei: 

Due to the Covid pandemic, all of us had to spend more time at home. This made many of us rethink our homes and a lot of people began to renovate and decorate their houses and flats. It was the start of a worldwide DIY boom. Creating things with your own hands is on-trend again. Also, many people rediscovered the importance of spending quality time together with friends or family doing a fun activity. For everyone who wants to learn and try something new, many schools in Tokyo offer trials and one-time lessons.

Our Editor-in-chief Marei tried out three crafty activities suited for absolute beginners. 
Maybe you will find a new hobby through this special feature?!

Candle Studio RADIUSAroma candles that look like Japanese sweets! (Candle lesson)

When joining a candle workshop at the candle school “RADIUS”, you learn how to make candles from scratch. Just choose the type of candle you want to create out of several options and the teacher will instruct you how to make candles while showing each step. Great for candle beginners!

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    For everyone interested in traditional Japanese candles, there is also a course teaching how to make them.

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    The school’s most popular candle type is this “flower gel candle”. It contains dried flowers and glitter.

I made it! This is my first “Japanese sweets candle”!

 Candle Studio RADIUS

Candle Studio RADIUS Read more

Address Nikko Palace Sanbancho 4th floor, 30-6 Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 070-5543-8866
Business Hour 10:00-18:00 *要予約

Spanish Tile Art StudioWelcome to the world of beautiful Spanish tiles! (Tile art lesson)


A Spanish tile is a ceramic tile with a traditional Spanish design. Spain has a culture of hand-painted tiles. Mostly, their designs are pictures of nature, people, patterns, or letters. The tiles are used to decorate homes or walls and are even utilized as shop signs. They are part of everyday life. The rustic tiles with vibrant colors have a charm that makes the viewer happy!

Spanish tiles painted with Japanese patterns
This technique is called “Cuerda Seca technique”. You have to stir the glaze and suck it up with a dropper. Then, you have to pour the fluid in the exact position and fill the space.

For this first Spanish tile experience, I took a trial lesson. In this lesson, you paint a single ceramic tile with a geometric pattern. The teacher will explain all the steps in depth, so even beginners can finish their first work without any problems.

 Spanish Tile Art Studio

Spanish Tile Art Studio Read more

Address Palais Yasojima 402, 2-15-1 Tsukasamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3292-0581
Business Hour 火、木 10-21時/水、金、土、日 10-18時 *要予約

Pottery School "Tobu Edo Yu"Make your own tableware using a potter's wheel! (Japanese pottery class)

Pottery School "Tobu Edo Yu"

Celebrating its 22nd year in 2021, "Tobu Edo Yu" is a popular pottery school in the middle of Tokyo. The experience courses can be roughly divided into two types: "Hand-bending experience classes" and "Potter's wheel experience classes". This time, I chose a class in which I would use an electric potter's wheel. So exciting!

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    These are the two bowls after their first firing

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    Color samples

 Pottery School "Tobu Edo Yu"

Pottery School "Tobu Edo Yu" Read more

Address Elegance Iidabashi 1F, 3-4-3 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3556-3330
Business Hour 月~木:10:00~21:00 土・日・祝:10:00~18:00




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