BRITANNIA TEA(ブリタニアティー)
 BRITANNIA TEA(ブリタニアティー)

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BRITANNIATEA–Black tea specialty café & Coworking space. You can work at BRITANNIATEA, having flavory black tea.


  • address1-1 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • tel03-6662-6648
  • business_hour9:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
    Note that the time may be subject to change according to events of Nippon Budokan.
  • access4-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Sta. Exit A7
Closed Irregular holidays (Basically open all year round except New Year's Holidays)
Facility Outline 1F: Order Counter
2F: Open Space (14 seats)
3F & 4F: Semi-private rooms and Private rooms (Café and work available)
For 8 seats on the 2nd floor and semi-private rooms, outlet available.

BRITANNIATEA is a coworking space where you can taste selected black tea from overseas and black tea sweets.

BRITANNIATEA is located 4-minutes walk from Subway Jimbocho Station. It is a coworking space enjoying black tea and sweets using black tea. BRITANNIATEA is drawing attention in Jimbocho and you can work and study there enjoying selected flavory black tea.


BRITANNIATEA opened in November, 2022 along Yasukuni-dori Avenue. The premium look of the store is like that of a patisserie.


The shop consists of four stories. There is an order space on the first floor, an open space on the second floor and on the third and fourth floors, there are semi-private rooms and private rooms (payment required). A part of the second floor and third and fourth floors are equipped with outlets so it is convenient when you work with a PC. You can also use the semi-private rooms and private rooms as cafes.


In addition to the top three black tea leaves in the world: Darjeeling, Uva and Keemun, they serve flavor tea, herb tea, Chai and so on. You can enjoy their flavory tea during your work and study. On the first floor at the order counter, you can buy assorted tea bags. You can find a trunk-shaped gift box suitable for a gift.


On their food menu, they have cake, scones and sandwiches. Some of them contain black tea leaf in the dough like "Earl Grey Pound Cake with selected tea leaves" and "Earl Grey Scone". They have a beautifully colored whole cake for one person called "Irise Cake". Kiwi fruits are sandwiched inside the cake and the light sweetness spreads all over your mouth.


They use fluffy chiffon cake for their sandwiches. They mix black pepper and grated cheese with the dough for "Teriyaki Chicken", "BLT" and "Egg." You may be addicted to this sweet and salty taste. As for their "Seasonal Fruit Sandwich", the sweetness of chiffon cake and fresh cream well matches with good and sour taste of fruits. The sandwich helps you relieve the weariness of work or study.

Coworking Space BRITANNIATEA, where you can enjoy carefully selected black tea. If you are a business person or student who likes black tea, please visit BRITANNIATEA once. You may be able to work on your job or study with more concentration than usual.

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