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A patisserie dealing in mainly baked sweets. You can have sandwiches in the eat-in space.


  • addressIchibancho Phoenixville 101, 15-20 Ichibancho Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • tel03-6272-4968
  • business_hour10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
    (Saturdays until 7:00 p.m.)
  • access3-minute walk from Subway Hanzomon Sta. Exit 5
Closed Sundays/Holidays
Language (Other than Japanese) English
Website http://www.timitag.com/

At TiMi, you can taste their original sweets. Their cakes are baked cakes. There is a spacious eat-in section inside the shop.

TiMi is located three-minute walk from Subway Hanzomon Station. TiMi is a patisserie that deals in mainly baked sweets and homemade bread and the like. On the first basement, there is a eat-in space and you can enjoy their sweets with drinks and have sandwiches for lunch.


"TiMi" means "Time" in Irish. The owner opened TiMi in 2012 in Hanzomon hoping that when people have a time of comfort, they spend the time with TiMi's sweets. Leaving the first floor where there are products and going down stairs, you'll find an eat-in space with the interior in an antique style. The section is spacious with three tables for two, also three tables for three and a table for four. As free Wi-Fi is equipped, you can spend some time working.


The most reputed product is TiMi's original sweets called "BAKE" lineup. The unique sweets include "Baked Tiramisu", with bittersweet and fresh cheese cream condensed in chocolate dough and "Baked Mont Blanc" with a big piece of boield chestnut with astringent skin and chestnut cream matching each other. They can be kept at room temperature, so they are good for presents and souvenirs.


TiMi also carries various kinds of baked sweets such as cereal granola, cookies and tarts. They use selected ingredients for their products. Organic oatmeal, fresh butter and fresh cream specially made at a ranch. At TiMi, they have more than 10 kinds of flour and use the suitable kind depending on their products.


At lunch time, they serve value "Lunch Set". You choose one of sandwiches of the day that comes with salad, soup, french fries, coffee or tea. You can take them out as a lunch box, so it is recommended to enjoy them sitting on a bench at nearby Kitanomaru Park.

TiMi, where you can taste baked sweets with carefully selected materials and sandwiches. You can use TiMi as a café, so you can use it for your tea time in the afternoon. Visit TiMi when you are looking for a good souvenir as well.

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