CAFÉ 33
 CAFÉ 33

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CAFÉ 33 is open inside Kitanomaru Park. Their signature dishes are sandwiches and rectangular pizza originated in Rome.


  • address1-1 Kitanomarukoen, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • tel03-3214-3730
  • business_hour9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
    Note that the time may be subject to change according to events of Nippon Budokan.
  • access5-minute walk from Subway Kudanshita Sta.
    5-minute walk from Takebashieki Sta.
Closed Equivalent to Kitanomaru Park
Facility Outline 108 seats (Inside the shop: 84 seats/ Terrace: 24 seats)

CAFÉ 33 inside Kitanomaru Park, where you can dine feeling nature closely.

Kitanomaru Park is located five-minute walk from Subway Kudanshita Station and Takebashi Station. CAFÉ 33 is open in the park. It is so-called a park café where you can dine feeling rich greenery inside the park closely.


A park café, CAFÉ 33 reopened after renovation in July, 2022. Inside the café, there are 84 seats with high ceiling and open space. You can enjoy the view of trees and the fountain through the large window. There are 24 terrace seats and you can enjoy dining with your pet there. A parasol is equipped so you can use the cafe on a sunny day with strong sunlight.


Their signature dishes are homemade sandwiches they make every morning at the café and rectangular pizza "Pizza ar tario." The various kinds of lineups of sandwiches are like "Tuna and egg focaccia sandwich", "Ham and cheese white bread sandwich", "Prosciutto and mozzarella cheese panini" and so on. They hot press them after receiving an order so you can enjoy good hot sandwiches.

Chorizo and corns, Mixed leaves, Ricotta cheese

Their dough of "Pizza ar taio" is homemade at the cafe. They serve from classic Margherita to "Tokyo komatsuna spinach, bacon, cherry tomatoes produced in Kumamoto", "Prosciutto and mushrooms, garlic-flavored wild rucola" and to "Chorizo and corns, mixed leaves, ricotta cheese." All of them are perfect to fill small stomachs.

Sunny-side up with carefully selected eggs and Loco Moco with original hamburg steak
Salad bowl of colorful vegetables, barley and Tofu
Seasonal Fruit Tart

In addition, CAFÉ 33 serves hearty dish like "Sunny-side up with carefully selected eggs and Loco Moco with original hamburg steak" and healthy salad menu like "Salad bowl of colorful vegetables, barley and Tofu." They also have variety of desserts on the menu such as "Seasonal fruit tart", "Hazelnuts eclair", "Hokkaido soft serve ice cream" and so on. This restaurant is good for your dessert time, too.

You can take out everything on the menu including drinks. It is recommended that you take out their sandwiches and pizza ar taio and sit down on a bench inside the park. If you want to enjoy your meal in a comfortable atmosphere or have a break feeling nature, visit CAFE 33 once.

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