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  • Eight spots chosen in Chiyoda City that are perfect for Valentine's Day and White Day
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Valentine's Day is almost here, and in Chiyoda City, there are all sorts of ways in which you can spend Valentine's Day and White Day. Whether you are someone who wants an atmospheric date, a fun-filled day with friends, or are looking for a partner, there are plenty of spots to suit various situation. So, this time, we will introduce you to specialty stores and patisseries where you can find the finest chocolates and sweets, and recommended spots particular to Valentine's Day and White Day.

CACAO SAMPAKA , Marunouchi BRICK SQUARECACAO SAMPAKA, a long-running chocolate specialty store, provides chocolate to Spanish royal family


CACAO SAMPAKA is located a three-minute walk from Subway Nijubashimae Station, and a five-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station. It is a long-running chocolate specialty store founded in 1999, in Spain - the birthplace of chocolate culture.

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  • CACAO SAMPAKA handles from selecting the cacao beans to managing the ingredients. The store carries a wide variety of chocolates, including bonbons sold by the piece, Rajoles chocolate bars, and Tentation which is combination of chocolate and orange peel or vegetable seeds. The "World Cacao Collection" (6,480 yen) is a 16-piece set of bonbon chocolates. The signature item included in the set, "Xoconusco" is made from Criollo cacao which is difficult to cultivate, so it was once only allowed to be eaten by kings. We recommend trying the 16 different flavors and comparing them with each other.
  • The gorgeous looking "Rosa Ambercole" (1,620 yen) and "Small Bear Ema" (2,916 yen), which is too beautiful to eat, also make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day. The "Rosa Ambercole" is a white chocolate bar with dried strawberries blended into it. The heart-shaped part is finished off with a raspberry flavor.
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Address Marunouchi BRICK SQUARE 1F, 2-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3283-2238
Business Hour 11:00~20:00

Omiya Western Confectionery Shop  Omiya Yougashiten is reasonably priced despite being particular about the ingredients it uses.


"Omiya Yougashiten" is located a one-minute walk from Subway Awajicho Station. It is a store that is well-known but to a few, where you can enjoy cakes made with quality ingredients at reasonable prices. Facing Sotobori-dori Avenue, the store features a tall glass-fitted door with its name "Omiya Yougashiten" printed on it in gold, and inside there is a retro ambience lingering in the air.

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  • The most popular cakes are made with fresh fruits that the owner of the store carefully examines and selects at the market. The "Apple Pie" (450 yen) is the store's signature item, that uses a crust which has been carefully baked with low-water butter and filled with seasonal apples.
  • The "Strawberry Sandwich Shortcake" (1,000 yen) is a luxurious cake that uses generously 10 strawberries. The slightly sweet fresh cream and juicy strawberries are a perfect match. If you are looking for high quality cakes and western sweets that go easy on your wallet, then please give them a visit.
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 Omiya Western Confectionery Shop  

Omiya Western Confectionery Shop   Read more

Address 2-4 Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3251-1088
Business Hour [月~土]9:00~19:00 [日・祝]10:00~17:30(喫茶は休業中)

Shop Tirol ChocoJapan's first store specializing in Tirol Chocolates, Shop Tirol Chocolates


"Shop Tirol Chocolates", a specialty store for Tirol chocolates, is located a one-minute walk from Subway Suehirocho Station and a five-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station. The Tirol chocolates that line the store feature an rare assortment of items, including items that are regionally limited, items made in collaboration with companies, and outlet items, etc.

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  • The most popular part of the store is the outlet item corner. You can buy Tirol chocolates that are worth 1,000 yen, at half price for 500 yen, if they are close to their expiration date, or have been damaged in the manufacturing process. It would be fun to snack on some whilst chatting at work or school on Valentine's Day or White Day.
  • The "Sweet Tirol Cup" (540 yen) is a limited edition of Valentine's Day that contains Tirol chocolates that you can only try in this cup, such as "Caramel Crunch" and "Raspberry Cheesecake", etc. If you are not sure about what Valentine's Day chocolate to give a friend or what to give as a small gift, then it might be good to add some Tirol chocolate to the opthions.
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 Shop Tirol Choco

Shop Tirol Choco Read more

Address 1F Kamematsu Building, 4-5-4, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6260-9305
Business Hour 11:00~19:00

Chocolatier Palet D’or TokyoEnjoy high quality chocolates and cakes at the chocolatier, Chocolatier Palet D'or Tokyo


"Chocolatier Palet D'or Tokyo" is located on the first floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building, directly connected to Subway Tokyo Station and Otemachi Station. This patisserie is run by the famous chocolatier SAEGUSA Shunsuke, who trained at the prestigious hotel "Hotel Plaza" in Osaka, and the famous store "Bernachon" in France.

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  • There is a salon in the chic store, where customers can enjoy chocolates and cakes right there. The menu includes a "Marriage Set", where you can enjoy a pairing of a drink, chocolates, and cake; a parfait made with carefully selected ingredient, a special "Palet D'or Lunch", which you can choose from three types of paninis, etc.
  • "Chocolatier Palet D'or" has three stores nationwide, in Tokyo, Ginza and Osaka, but the parfait menu is only available at the Tokyo and Osaka stores. The "Parfait Chocolat Parfait" (2,310 yen) is a gem of a product that uses in abundance of carefully selected chocolates, including bitter chocolate made from cacao, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, etc. The luxurious parfait from "Chocolatier Palet D'or", which can only be found in the city, is sure to make your day a memorable one.
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 Chocolatier Palet D’or Tokyo

Chocolatier Palet D’or Tokyo Read more

Address Shin-Marunouchi Building 1F, 1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5293-8877
Business Hour 月~土11:00~21:00(L.O.~20:30) 日・祝11:00~20:00(L.O.~19:30)

COTTON CLUBCOTTON CLUB, which has arrived from New York, gives you a memorable night with it's stage and dinner


"COTTON CLUB" is located a two-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station and a five-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station. It is an entertainment club where you can enjoy a meal whilst watching live performances by top artists from a variety of genres, including jazz, soul and R&B, etc.

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  • "Two types of dinner course are available: the ""Pasta Course"" (4,950 yen), which includes salad, pasta, a main dish and dessert; and the ""Dinner Course"" (7,150 yen), which includes an amuse-bouche (finger food), appetizer, a main dish, dessert and bread. The French-based dishes are made with plenty of seasonal ingredients, and consist of a vibrant menu that is also pleasing to the eye. The dessert menu also includes ""Seasonal Parfait"" (1,760 yen) and ""Assorted Desserts of the Day"" (1,980 yen).
    ""COTTON CLUB"" will satisfy your auditory, visual and taste senses. With your partner on Valentine's Day or White Day, we recommend eating exquisite dishes and desserts whilst enjoying the best music."



Address Tokyo Building TOKIA 2nd Floor, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
TEL 03-3215-1555
Business Hour 月曜日〜金曜日 17:00〜23:00   土曜日、日曜日、祝日 16:00〜22:30 ※公演により異なります

Tokyo-daijingu ShrineTokyo Daijingu Shrine, the perfect place to pray for fulfillment in love and for your ideal match!


"Tokyo Daijingu Shrine" is located a five-minute walk from the JR and Subway Iidabashi Station. The "Tokyo Daijingu Shrine" has been believed to be a shrine of good fortune in marriage, because it enshrines the three deities who are in charge of the creation and growth of all things (Zoka-sanshin). One other reason why it is a shrine of marriage, is that it was the first shrine in Japan to hold Shinto style wedding ceremony.

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"Within the precincts of the shrine, there are a wide variety of fortune slips that may give you hints in how to achieve fulfillment in love, such as ""Love fortune slips"" (200 yen), ""Love letter fortune slips"" (200 yen), and ""Fortune slips to bring you happiness"" (200 yen), etc. Other items, ""Enmusubi Suzuran Mamori (amulet of the lily of the valley for marriage)"" (800 yen), which is modeled after the lily of the valley flower language that happiness will come; and 12 types of ""Hana Mamori (amulet of flower)"" (500 yen), each embroidered with a flower that blooms from January to December. Only during the period of inauguration as the tourism ambassador of Chiyoda City will a Rilakkuma ema (votive tablet) be offered (500 yen), that is a collaboration for a limited time between Tokyo Daijingu Shrine and Tourism Ambassador Rilakkuma.
It is the perfect shrine for people who want to pray for fulfillment in love , such as those who currently bear an unrequited love or are looking for a partner."

 Tokyo-daijingu Shrine

Tokyo-daijingu Shrine Read more

TEL 03-3262-3566

KONICA MINOLTA PLANETARIA TOKYOPlanetaria TOKYO is the only twin-dome in Japan where you can experience cutting-edge technology


"""PLANETARIA TOKYO"" is located on the 9th floor of Yurakucho Mullion, which is a one-minute walk from Subway Ginza Station and a three-minute walk from JR and Subway Yurakucho Station.
This is Japan's first planetarium facility that is equipped with two domes. DOME 1 projects images from the floor to the ceiling, enveloping the entire room. In addition, the high-resolution images provide an unprecedented immersive experience. DOME 2 has a state-of-the-art stereophonic sound system that allows you to experience the movement of sound, as well as offering galaxy seats that allow you to enjoy the planetarium in a relaxed atmosphere. Pair seats are also available in the galaxy seats, making it perfect for dates."

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  • In addition to the planetarium, there is also "VirtuaLink", an interactive VR attraction based on the theme of stars and science. PLANETARIA TOKYO, where you can have an experience you have never had before, is also a place we recommend you to go with friends.




TEL 03-6269-9952
Business Hour 10:30~22:30(最終受付は21:30) 金曜日のみ23:00まで営業。(最終受付は22:30) 上映時間は季節により変更する場合があります。

Wadakura Fountain ParkWadakura Fountain Park, also famous as a power spot, creates a romantic mood with its illumination


"Wadakura Fountain Park" is located in Kokyo Gaien National Garden, which is a two-minute walk from Subway Nijubashimae Station and Hibiya Station. This urban park was originally built with the fountain in 1961 to commemorate the marriage of His Majesty the previous Emperor, and was completed in 1993 after redevelopment to mark the marriage of His Majesty the current Emperor.

The spacious "Wadakura Fountain Park" covers an area of approximately 130,000 square meters. In the park, in addition to the large fountain, there is a 5.5-meter-high, 30-meter-long waterfall installation, and a monument with a circulating water stream, etc., surrounded by a refreshing atmosphere. Benches are set up around the large fountain at the center of the park, and on sunny days, people can be seen enjoying lunch or taking a break there.

"Starbucks Coffee Kokyo Gaien Wadakura Fountain Park Store" opened in the park in December 2021. You can enjoy a drink while taking in the view of nature and the fountain from a large window. We recommend the "Wasanbon Almond Milk Frappuccino" (Tall: 660 yen), and the "Wasanbon Mousse Foam Almond Milk Latte" (Tall: 550 yen), which are available only at this store. It is characterized by its gentle sweetness, of Wasanbon (Japanese refined sugar) matched with milk and espresso.


At night the fountain is illuminated, and in an instant, the park takes on a calm and moody atmosphere. You may also enjoy tasting chocolates you have bought from the patisseries and chocolatiers, whilst gazing at the fountain.

 Wadakura Fountain Park

Wadakura Fountain Park Read more

Address 3-1 Kokyogaien, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Valentine's Day is almost here, and in Chiyoda City, there are all sorts of ways in which you can spend Valentine's Day and White Day. Whether you are someone who wants an atmospheric date, a fun-filled day with friends, or are looking for a partner, there are plenty of spots to suit various situation. So, this time, we will introduce you to specialty stores and patisseries where you can find the finest chocolates and sweets, and recommended spots particular to Valentine's Day and White Day.





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