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  • For the first time in 6 years! Hie Jinja Sanno Matsuri. Photo spots and good places to have a break.
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Sanno Matsuri Festival is going to be held between June 7 (Fri) and June 17 (Mon) in 2024 for the first time in six years after Covid-19 pandemic. Sanno Matsuri Festival, known as one of the three major Edo festivals, is visited by many people every year. The highlight is Jinkosai Festival held on 7th. The 300 meter-long festival procession is parading from Hie Jinja Shirine to around Imperial Palace. It is overwhelming to see bout 500 representative officials and young parishioners in dynasty costumes parade around the town with two imperial carriages, one portable shirine and five floats parade around the town. You can enjoy watching the collaboration of the modern landscape and the festival procession beyond ages. This time we are going to introduce our recommended photogenic spots of Jinkosai Festival and good places to take a rest nearby. Don't fail to take photos of the moments happening only once in two years.

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ARCADIA ICHIGAYA SHIGAKU KAIKANAfter watching dynasty costumes , try casual French cuisine at Arcadia Ichigaya Shigaku Kaikan.

Kojimachi-Odori St.

With calls from Ofusegiko guards as a sign, the festival procession leaves Hie-Jinja Shrine. On Kojimachi-Odori St., you can take a photo of the procession against Sophia University and Yotsuya Station. At this spot, take a photo with the contrast of the modern streetscape and the historical festival procession.

  • # Nippon TV-dori St.
  • On Nippon TV-dori St., the width of the road narrows, so you can have a good chance to take a photo of the procession closely. You can see the fine decorations of elegant dynasty costumes closely as well.
Arcadia Ichigaya Shigaku Kaikan

First of all, Arcadia Ichigaya Shigaku Kaikan that stands facing the moat of Ichigaya is a good place to take a break. This place is used as a center of national private unniversity officials and as a hotel, banquet hall and restaurant. This is a complex suitable for various purposes.

  • #
  • FOSSE on the second floor is a restaurant where you can enjoy casual French cuisine. You can enjoy new type of French cuisine that values tradition while incorporating essence of Japanese and Western cuisines. Inside the spacious restaurant, you can overlook Sotobori Park from the very big window. In spring you can see a splendid view of a row of cherry blossom trees. For lunch, they serve a course menu and other than that, they have set menus like Hamburg steak with soup, salad and bread/rice and Assorted Fried Prawns and Scallop.

    At lunchtime, their original menu including Sui-style Curry and Ronjan Tantan noodles (Tantan noodles with Ise ebi lobster flavor) are popular and they have standard set menus.
    At lunchtime, their original menu including Sui-style Curry and Ronjan Tantan noodles (Tantan noodles with Ise ebi lobster flavor) are popular and they have standard set menus.



Address 4-2-25 Kudan-Kita,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,Japan ZIP1020073
TEL 03-3261-9921

Hotel Grand Arc HanzomonTake photos of 3 Mikoshis in front of National Theatre. At Hotel Grand Arc, have a sweets break.

National Theatre

Before moved to the present place, Hie-Jinja Shrine was located in the area where National Theatre is. The festival procession makes a brief stop when it reaches National Theatre and Imperial Sojourn Festival is conducted. You can see two imperial carriages and one portable shrine gather all together. You don't want to fail to take a photo of the scene.

  • # Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon
  • Following the procession toward Hanzo-mon Gate, you'll see Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon run by Imperial Hotel, Inc. At PATIO on the first floor that is a spacious restaurant with 160seats, you can enjoy the chef's specialty at reasonable prices. You can enjoy meal looking at the leafy Imperial Palace Moat and the panoramic view of an urban city. It is the perfect place to relax for a while having Cake Set with coffee or black tea.

 Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon

Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon Read more

Address 1-1 ,Hayabusa-cho ,Chiyoda-ku ,Tokyo ,102-0092
TEL 03-3288-0111

Marunouchi BRICK SQUAREPhotos of Gohoren and Miyamikoshi against the landscape. Visit Marunouchi Brick Square for sweets.

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    In front of Sakashita-mon Gate

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    Marunouchi Naka-dori St.

The special feature spot of Royal Progress Festival is how the festival procession goes down the Kokyo-zaka Slope. With buildings in Marunouchi as a background, it is a highlight to the see Imperial Carriages and the Portable Shrine stand side by side. You can take a photo that looks as if the festival procession traveled into today from Edo era.

Marunouchi Brick Square

If you want to take a rest, it is recommended to visit a complex, Marunouchi Brick Square. Inside the building, there are a wide variety of restaurants from cafes, Italian and French restaurants to curry and ramen restaurants you can stop by easily.


They have a popular chololateria, CACAO SAMPA and the world's first ECHIRE butter specialty shop, ECHIRE MAISON DU BEURRE. You can buy their sweets and enjoy sitting down on the bench at Ichigokan Square in the yard. Surrounded by rich greenery, which makes you forget that you are in the middle of the urbarn city, you can feel refreshed.

 Marunouchi BRICK SQUARE

Marunouchi BRICK SQUARE Read more

Address 2-6-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

TOKYO TORCH TerraceThe mixture of Edo and Reiwa. Dine at a terrace seat at TOKYO TORCH Terrace feeling breeze outside.

Tokyo Station

Then, the procession moves on to Gyoko-dori Ave. stretching toward Tokyo Station. Gyoko-dori Ave., which was completed in 1926 (Taisho 15), is a noted place with taste of Taisho era. To be able to see the scene of the mixture of Edo, Taisho eras and the present time is what only JInko Matsuri Festival can offer.

  • #A Spanish restaurant Bar español YEBRA, where the chef who is an award winner at a cooking contest in Spainshows off his skill.
  • If you want to take a break at this time, a commercial zone, TOKYO TORCH Terrace from the first basement to the third floor of the tall building TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower is recommended. In this area, centering in local well-established shops, there are various unique restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet cuisines.
  • As the restaurants at the ground floor have terrace seats, you can enjoy your meal feeling breeze outside. Bars and bistros are open, so you can have a luxurious time drinking alcohol drink in the daytime.
  • #TATA BAR RESTAURANT CAFÉ, where you can enjoy tapas and natural wine at open terrace seats.
Ginza Chuo-dori Ave.

For information, Ginza Chuo-dori Ave. is the place where they couldn't conduct royal progress in Edo era. So when watching the modern Shinkosai Festival, Ginza Chuo-dori Ave. is a recommended place to take a photo.


TOKYO TORCH Terrace Read more

Address 2-6-4 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour レストラン 平日・土曜 11:00~23:00       日曜・祝日 11:00~22:00 カフェ   平日 7:00~20:00       土曜日 8:00~20:00       日・祝 休業 ショップ  7:00~23:00

hibiya okurojiTake procession photos against historical buildings. Hibiya OKUROJI is good to stop by for a rest.

Imperial Hotel

Going further, you'll find Imperial Hotel, synonymous for a Japanese hotel. It was built as a Japanese State guest house in Meiji era. The festival procession parading in front of this hotel. You can see this scene only on this day.

Hibiya Public Hall

Following the festival procession and heading for Hibiya, you'll see Hibiya Public Hall. You can take a photo of the festival procession against a Tokyo Metropolitan designated tangible cultural property, Hibiya Public Hall.


On your way for Shinbashi from Hibiya, it is recommended to stop ty Hibiya OKUROJI under the elevated railway tracks between Yurakucho and Shinbashi Stations. Inside the facility stretching about 300 meters, you can see unique restaurants, miscellaneous goods shops and so on stand side by side.

  • #Lunch menu of Yakikai Akoya Hibiya. Yakikai Akoya Hibiya serves mainly fresh shellfish purchased all over Japan.
  • Inside the facility, on top of restaurants, there are various kinds including cafes, bars and Izakaya taverns. A wide variety of lineups like Japanese cuisines such as Sushi, Tempura, a Spanish bar, Chinese restaurant, multinational dining and bar. From a short rest to big meal, you can use this facility according to how much you want to eat.

 hibiya okuroji

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Address 1-7-1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku
Business Hour 店舗により異なる

tokyo garden terrace kioichoAfter taking photos at Hie-Jinja, look back today looking at the photos at Tokyo Garden Terrace.

Hie-Jinja Shrine

After the royal progress, the festival procession goes back to Hie-jinja Shrine. The moment of returning to Hie-Jinja is the moment of finishing up the procession and also a big chance to take a photo. Get your camera ready so that you won't miss this powerful moment.

  • #Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho
  • After seeing through Jinko Festival, if you want to have a break, a large complex, Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho is recommended. From the first and fourth floors, there are 25 cafes and restaurants serving Japanese, Western, Chinese and Ethnic cuisines. They have more restaurants perfect for dinnertime. You can choose what to eat according to your mood. It is a good idea to share your data with your friends or family members looking back the day.

 tokyo garden terrace kioicho

tokyo garden terrace kioicho Read more

TEL 03-3288-5500
Business Hour 店舗ごとに異なる


At Jinkosai Festival, when you see the quaint festival procession, you cannot help feeling historic atomosphere and when you see the vibrant Miyairi (the portable shrine, Imperial carriages and floats come back to the shrine), you can get energized. Every moment is picturesque, so lots of spectators cannot stop taking pictures. However, the procession goes a long distance and the festival takes a long time, so take part in it having breaks. It can surely be your precious memory.




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