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Located in the famous bar quarter Kanda with unique restaurants and bars, "Dekunobou" is a restaurant where you can bake "okonomiyaki" and "takoyaki" yourself.


  • address3-18-7 Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • tel03-3254-9044
  • accessJR "Kanda Station" North Exit, 30 seconds walk / Subway Ginza Line "Kanda Station", 30 seconds walk
Hours Mon-Fri, and days before public holidays: 17:00-23:00
(L.O. meals 23:00 L.O. drinks 23:00)
Sat: 12:00-23:00
(L.O. meals 23:00 L.O. drinks 23:00)
Sundays and public holidays: 17:00-22:00
(L.O. meals 22:00 L.O. drinks 22:00)
Closed Irregular
Website https://www.ntte-sports.co.jp/exefield/
The popular restaurant is located near Kanda station and has a painting of a humungous octopus on its wall.

The menu features a variety of hearty dishes, such as okonomiyaki (= a mixture of cabbage, flour, and water, baked into a flat, round shape. Sometimes it’s referred to as “Japanese pizza” or “Japanese pancake”), takoyaki (= ball-shaped “octopus balls”), monjayaki (= similar to okonomiyaki, but with different liquid ingredients), as well as grilled meat and vegetables. Dekunobo offers “Osaka-style” okonomiyaki. In general, there are two types of okonomiyaki. “Hiroshima-style”, where the ingredients are layered and baked on top of each other, and “Osaka-style”, where all ingredients are mixed first and then and baked like pancakes. When ordering, don’t forget to tell the staff that you want to prepare the food yourself, otherwise, the okonomiyaki might come already cooked.

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    All tables have large specially custom-made iron griddles built into them.

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    First, grill the meat. When the meat is baked, mix it with the rest of the ingredients and bake it like a pancake.


The baked okonomiyaki is crispy on the outside and (thanks to the yam in the batter) fluffy on the inside – the chewy texture is irresistible!

Takoyaki is basically supposed to be cooked by yourself. There are multiple types of takoyaki menus, with some options using bacon instead of the usual octopus.

The friendly staff will help you to bake round takoyaki balls making the restaurant beginner-friendly.

If you want to eat at a typical local Japanese restaurant, why don’t you try teppanyaki dishes at “Dekunobou” in front of Kanda Station?

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