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Chiyoda City Sakura Festival is a very exciting event every year. This year again, they are going to illuminate as many as 260 cherry trees along Chidori-ga-fuchi Greenway to show you night cherry blossoms and open Chidori-ga-fuchi Boat Pier at night. You can take photos of fantastical cherry blossoms floating on the night sky and cherry blossoms in full bloom seen from surface of water. That happens only this time of year, which makes this festival very attractive. And we are going to suggest a Photogenic Sites Tour starting from Chiyoda City Sakura Festival. Not only cherry blossoms but also architecture, feast for the eyes and shops that make you excited will replenish your heart.

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Chiyoda City Sakura Festival
Chiyoda City Sakura Festival, held from late March to early April. Every year, more than one million people from inside and outside Japan come to appreciate cherry blossoms. They carry out LED illumination of Chidori-ga-fuchi Greenway which spreads 700 meters and open Chidori-ga-fuchi Boat Pier at night time. You can enjoy night cherry blossoms from the moat above water.

Kudan-Kaikan TerraceKUDAN-KAIKAN TERRACE–you can see the elegant depth of architectural style closely

Kudan-Kaikan Terrace, located one-minute walk from Subway Kudanshita Station facing Uchibori-dori Avenue. This facility has cutting-edge IoT, a medical clinic, restaurants, banquet halls and so on. It is a forefront office.


Former Kudan Kaikan was built as a military hall in 1934 (Showa 9). Part of it has been preserved and even registered as Tangible Cultural Property. Inside the building, you can see the classical and retro-modern construction. Just walk around the building and you can feel the atmosphere of the time.


Part of the rooftop garden on the fifth floor is open to public and visitors can see the garden. And in front of the front entrance lies Kudan Square, where trees, plants, flowers as well as cherry blossom trees are planted. It is a space like air pocket of urban core where a building and nature exist together.


 Kudan-Kaikan Terrace

Kudan-Kaikan Terrace Read more

Address 1-6-5 Kudan-minami,Chiyoda city,Tokyo
TEL 03-3264-2109

SabouruFeel as if you were lost in a story, famous Coffee Shop Sabor in Jimbocho


Nearby Jimbocho Station lies a coffee shop, Sabor established in 1955. The structure of Sabor is rare: consisting of three-story, basement, the first floor and a raised seating place. The interior design is unified by wood taste and you can enjoy fantastic landscape from anywhere you sit. The ceiling is low so you may feel as if you were in a cave.

撮影者:Photograpger: @manmaru_trip

They have pretty-looking drinks such as Strawberry Juice, Cream Soda and so on. You can choose one color out of seven for Cream Soda. They also serve light snack like Sabor Mixed Sandwiches and Pizza Toast. They look somehow nostalgic. If you take photos of drinks and food with the coffee shop in the background, you can make them photogenic.


Sabouru Read more

Address 1-11 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku
TEL 03-3291-8404
Business Hour [月~土] 9:30~23:00(L.O.22:30) 日曜定休・祝日不定休

ATHENEE FRANCAIS CULTURAL CENTERTake a photo of this pink wall building. Athenee Francais designed by a famous architect.

Athenee Francais, located five-minute walk from JR Suidobashi is a French school established in 1913. Athenee Francais has a long history and is well-known because many celebrities graduated from this school. The building was designed by YOSHIZAKA Takamasa, one of the architects who popularized modern architecture. On the fourth floor lies Athenee Francais Cultural Center where movies and image products are shown.

The cute pink external walls with Roman letters written at regular intervals are famous for a photogenic site. You can take a photo with cherry blossoms that you feel like posting on Social Networking Service.



Address Athénée Français 4F, 2-11 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku

otonari coffeeAt Otonari Coffee, you can spend a blissful time with specialty coffee and sweets


Otonari Coffee, located five-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Station or JR Suidobashi Station, is a coffee-specialized café that serves specialty coffee on monthly basis. The owner uses coffee beans selected from coffee roasting factories so you can enjoy a selected specialty coffee.


Other than Black Coffee, they serve Café Latte, Caramel Latte, Rum Latte and Ice Ball Latte, which you pour milk onto frozen espresso. They have a variety of latte menu as well.


They also serve sweets such as pudding, espresso cheesecake and cookies. Their homemade pudding is a masterpiece with good sweet fresh cream and bitter caramel well balanced. You can surely take an emotional photo with the pudding with a big amount of fresh cream with coffee.

 otonari coffee

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Address 2-48 2F Kanda-Jimbocho, Tokyo
Business Hour 12:00〜19:00 または13:00〜18:00 ※営業時間は日によって変わるのでインスタグラムのカレンダーをご覧ください

Kitazawa BookstoreKITAZAWA BOOKSTORE–Just taking a look at the beautifully bound 12,000 books makes you feel excited.


Kitazawa Bookstore, located three-minute walk from Jimbocho Station is specialized in old foreign books established in 1902. Inside the store, there are as many as 12,000 old foreign books centering in British and American literature. The store has chic and elegant mood with a movie scene kind of view of the world.


The distinctive feature of Kitazawa Bookstore is that you can meet books with rare design and beautifully bound books. Even if you are not familiar with foreign books, you can enjoy just looking at their books. It is recommended that you keep a book with your favorite cover in your bag.

 Kitazawa Bookstore

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Address 2F Kitazawa Building, 2-5 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-3263-0011
Business Hour 平日/土曜12:00〜17:00

YoshokukzenUmiCurry TAKEUCHIPhotogenic serving, authentic taste. Enjoy spice curry in Jimbocho, Yoshokuzen Umi Curry TAKEUCHI


Yoshokuzen Umi Curry Takeuchi, located three-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Station is a very popular restaurant where people line up to enter. You can enjoy spice curry with beautiful serving.


The most recommended dish is Stewed Hamburger Steak Set. You can have hamburger steak with curry, colorful vegetables and fruits on top. For the curry, they boil broth for two days to get fond de veau base with beef tendon and potherbs. The juicy hamburger steak is very filling because they use roughly ground meat for it. Miso soup containing many ingredients comes with the set.


Another popular dish is Kimagure Plate Three Kinds of Curry. It is a luxurious set menu including three kinds of curry particular about materials and spices, a side dish and miso soup. Besides, Iwate beef curry, roughly ground pork keema curry and rasam style curry are rare menu items. You cannot help taking photos because they are also delight to your eyes. It's another attractive feature of Yoshokuzen Umi Curry Takeuchi.

 YoshokukzenUmiCurry TAKEUCHI

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Address 1-20-3 1F, Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-3292-0523
Business Hour 11:00~完売まで ※11:00から11:30の間にオープン

toggle hotel suidobashiYou can't decide which room to stay at! Impressive two-tone colored guest rooms–Toggle Hotel


Toggle Hotel, located three-minute walk from JR Suidobashi Station is a hotel where you can stay at a guest room with unique design. There are 10 types of guest rooms between 20㎡ and 40㎡ inside the nine-story hotel. There are 84 guest rooms in which between two and five people can stay.


All the guest rooms have a unity in design using two-tone colors such as pink and gray, light blue and yellow, dark blue and pink beige, green and light beige, purple and beige and so on. Their exquisite combinations are just attractive.


Stylish interior is in line with the wall paper colors. You can't help taking photos with every corner of the room in the background. It may be fun to bring your clothes that match your room colors to take each other's photos.

 toggle hotel suidobashi

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Address 3-11-4 Iidabashi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
TEL 03-3239-1096
Business Hour 24時間(ホテル) 10:00〜22:00(カフェ)


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Sakura Festival in Chiyoda City
The entire 700 meters of the famous sakura-lined Chidori-ga-fuchi Green Way will be illuminated with LED lights. Special night-time boat rentals will also be available to visitors hoping to view the cherry blossoms from the Chidori-ga-fuchi moat in the evening. In Chiyoda city, various shopping arcades and local organizations will be holding sakura-related events.




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