Otemachi One
 Otemachi One
 Otemachi One

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On the first and second basement floors house a variety of restaurants. At lunch time, the complex is crowded with business persons.


  • address1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • tel03-52200-5733
  • business_hourOpening hours vary by shops and facilities
  • accessDirectly connected from Subway Otemachi Sta. Exit C4 and C5
Website https://otemachi-one.com/

You can find famous restaurants at the dining area. Otemachi One, directly connected from Otemachi Station.

Otemachi One, directly connected from Subway Otemachi Station, is a complex consisting of two building structures, Mitsui & Co. Building and OTEMACHI ONE Tower inside. One is OTEMACHI ONE AVENUE, where centering in offices, Otemachi Mitsui Conference and Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi and tenants like restaurants are housed and the other is Otemachi Mitsui Hall, where various kinds of events are held.


Otemachi One Avenue is located on the first and second basement floors. There are many kinds of restaurants that you can use for different situations. At a café, you can have a break, Ramen noodles and Soba noodles restaurants for quick bite and Japanese-style pubs where you may want to stop by after work. On the first basement floor lies famous Ramen noodle restaurant Tanaka Soba Restaurant. You can enjoy their carefully prepared soup made taking two days or longer and melting taste of homemade roast pork.

Original Grilled Dumpling Famous Restaurant, Minmin

Another distinctive feature is that you can meet famous restaurants known as well-established restaurants at Otemachi One Avenue. Minmin on the second basement floor is a famous original dumpling restaurant established in 1953. You can enjoy crispy and fragrant dumplings at a reasonable price. Indian Curry on the first basement is a well-established curry restaurant loved by people for more than 70 years in Osaka. You can fully enjoy the unique taste of curry, which has fruity but delicate spice that hits you after.


Otemachi One Avenue has restaurants where you can have healthy food. CRISP SALAD WORKS on the first basement floor is a specialty restaurant of customized salad. You can order your favorite salad by choosing from 30 kinds of toppings and dressing. On the same floor lies Vietnamese Tokyo. It is an ethnic cafe that serves healthful Pho and Banh mi. You can have fresh ethnic food using additive-free ingredients and easy to eat for a wide range of people.


Surrounding Mitsui & Co. Building spreads OTEMACHI ONE Garden. The space where seasonal flowers and trees are planted makes you feel changing of seasons. In addition, at the Garden, they carry out illumination in winter. Trees are glittering and lanterns enfold the area with mystical mood.
The content of the illumination was between November 2023 to March 2024.

One of the landmarks in Otemachi, Otemachi One. On a sunny day, it is recommended to sit down at a bench at Otemachi One Garden eating food taken out from Otemachi One Avenue.

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