Lady Blue
 Lady Blue
 Lady Blue

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Lady Blue, a restaurant managed by Blue Note Japan, sets the stage for encounters with gourmet food, fine alcoholic beverages, and music. In the open-plan dining area, adorned with paintings and steeped in artistic decor, one can enjoy French cuisine that makes seasonal ingredients come alive. During dinner, music is played according to a monthly theme, adding a touch of color to mealtime.


  • addressOtemachi Place 1F, 2-3-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku
  • tel03-3278-8808
  • business_hour11:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • access1-minute walk from Subway "Otemachi Sta." Exit A5
    7-minute walk from JR "Tokyo Sta." Marunouchi North Gate
Closed Sundays

Lady Blue, where one can enjoy seasonal French cuisine. A playground for adults run by Blue Note Japan.


The most popular menu item is the Grilled Waton Mochibuta Pork (1,740 yen). It is an intricate dish in which the surface of the Waton Mochibuta pork is first sprinkled with herbs and spices, broiled at a low temperature, and then roasted on a grill. It allows one to fully savor the mellow, juicy texture of Waton Mochibuta pork and its concentrated depth of flavor.

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  • At Lady Blue, our patissiers develop parfaits that use fresh seasonal fruits. The Parfait Lady Blue Mixed Berry & Pistachio (1,740 yen) is a superb dessert where a base of three kinds of berries and pistachio mousse are harmoniously complemented by chocolate-flavored cream and vanilla ice cream. The kirsch jelly and crumble garnish are texture-enhancing accents. Lady Blue's parfait menu is one whose colors and silhouettes can be enjoyed with the eyes. They are desserts that one can make short work of post-meal, without feeling weighed down. Of course, they can also be ordered just by themselves.
Salad plate

Lady Blue's Salad Plate is one filled with fresh vegetables harvested from our company-owned farm in Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture. One can enjoy the weekly main ingredient, which changes from duck meat to shrimp, soft-boiled egg and more. With its hefty size and nutritional balance, this healthy dish is a well-loved one that we take pride in.

Lady Blue, a restaurant conceived as a "playground for adults." Here, meals are realized as experiences not just for the palate for but all five senses, including sight and sound.

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