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  • address1-4-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • tel03-3287-2921
  • business_hourVary by shops and restaurants
  • accessDirectly connected from Subway Takebashi Sta. Exit 3b or 3-minute walk from elevator Exit 2
    7-minute walk from Subway Otemachi Sta. Exit C2
    7-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Sta. Exit A9
    20-minute walk from JR Tokyo Sta.
    5-minute from JR Tokyo Sta. by car.
Website https://www.kkr-hotel-tokyo.gr.jp/
Parking 63 paid parking spaces
Others This hotel is run by KKR,Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations for the union members as a welfare facility. Also available for public users.

KKR Hotel Tokyo, where you can stay and dine, enjoying the lush greenery of the Imperial Palace and night view of Tokyo.

KKR Hotel Tokyo is three-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Takebashi Station. The hotel is located next to the lush green forest of Imperial Palace and has 161 guest rooms, also restaurants, café lounge and a banquet hall.

Suite Guest Rooms

KKR Hotel Tokyo is a 15-story hotel located along Chiyoda-dori Avenue. There are 161 guest rooms on the 13th through 15th floors. As the guest rooms are on the higher floors, some of them offer the view of Imperial Palace with a wealth of nature and glittering night view of Tokyo. All the guest rooms from Single to Suite rooms has chic space with comfortable interior. You can use them for various kinds of situations from business to private settings.

Restaurant FUYO, where you can enjoy the view of the Imperial Palace.
Banquet Hall Houou commands a panoramic view of the Imperial Palace.

There are four restaurants in the hotel, Lounge ROYAL on the ground floor, on the 12th floor, Restaurant Fuyo, Japanese Restaurant TAKEHASHI and Lounge Bar LIRA. At Lounge Royal on the ground floor has bright space with atrium and you can spend relaxing tea time tasting their hotel-made apple pies and seasonal tarts. Wi-Fi is fully equipped so you can stop by during a work break. Restaurant Fuyo on the 12th floor is KKR Hotel Tokyo's main restaurant. They serve French dishes with carefully selected ingredients and Japanese dishes by a chef with brilliant talent. When you stay with breakfast-included plan, you can have Japanese-Western Buffet at Restaurant Fuyo.


Japanese Restaurant Takehashi on the same floor, where you can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes with an elegant atmosphere. The recommended dish is the Japanese-style monthly set menu at lunch time using seasonal ingredients. There are four types of private rooms and you can use them for dinner meeting and business entertainment.


Lounge Bar Lira also on the same 12th floor is a Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy world famous alcoholic beverages and exquisite Chinese dishes. In addition, they offer Black Beef Curry and Curry of the Week as Curry Station Lira. Black Beef Curry is a specialty of KKR Hotel Tokyo with slowly sauteed sweet and tasty onions, black pepper and other spices to whet your appetite. It can be enjoyed with salad and soup on a self-service basis at a reasonable price.

Garden Chapel
Banquet Hall Houoh Wedding Reception style

KKR Hotel Tokyo also features banquet halls that can accommodate a variety of situations, including wedding receptions, corporate meetings, private celebrations, and memorial services. There are several sizes of banquet halls that accommodate from 6 to 200 people. Also, there are a Garden Chapel, Indoor Chapel and Shinto altar for bridal occasions. The hotel has ample facilities to support your life-time events.

The KKR Hotel Tokyo can be used for a variety of occasions, not only lodging, but also restaurants, banquets, and weddings. You can have a special time you want to keep in mind as a precious memory.

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