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  • addressOtemachi Tower B1F & B2F, 1-5-5 Otemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • business_hourOpening hours vary by shops and facilities.
  • accessDirectly connected from Subway Otemachi Sta. In front of Tozai Line central ticket gate
Website https://www.ootemori.jp/
Parking Business hours: 6:00 a.m.-12:30 a.m.
Note: You cannot enter and leave your car during out-of-hours.
Others Customers with small children: Nursing room
OOTEMORI has a nursing room on the second basement floor with nursing chairs, diaper changing table, and hot water supply facilities.

Anyone as well as office workers can feel free to drop in this attractive place, Ootemori where many restaurants and shops are lined up. Ootemori serves delicious food.

Ootemori is a commercial facility directly connected to Subway Otemachi Station. It is located on the first and second basements of Otemachi Tower, a landmark in Otemachi, and offers a wide range shops that anyone can stop by.


Forest of Otemachi, covered with 3,600㎡ of forest, is a perfect place to have a break. From such Forest of Otemachi, Ootemori has the open facility environment with natural sunshine coming in through a vaulted ceiling 15 meters high. You can hardly believe that you are in the underground. There are restaurants, apparel shops, miscellaneous goods shops, cosmetic shops, and so on. It is a popular spot for relaxation where people can casually drop by on their way to work or after work.


On the second basement, there are 20 restaurants. Multinational restaurants are there such as Spanish, Korean, and Thai cuisine. There are also convenient places for drinks such as a bite-sized dumplings restaurant and a meat bar.

In addition, Ootemori has restaurants that serve healthy dishes that makes women feel free to enter alone: Gochiton, which serves Tonjiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables) from Yoyogi, Odashi-Udon Kakaya, which pursues the good taste of broth, and a sandwich shop BLOSSOM & BOUQUET, which is particular about materials. Among them, a counter Italian restaurant PASTAVOLA is a popular with their chewy fresh pasta. At lunch time, you can enjoy their reasonable dish by choosing one pasta dish out of 10 kinds.


Ootemori has various good taste shops. A high-quality grocery store, EPICERIE BONHEUR Seijo Ishii, carries plentiful tasty products that buyers carefully selected from all over the world with the motto of Provide world's food at a reasonable price like your neighborhood grocery store. You can find from reasonable wine and cheese to enjoy tonight to perfect grocery to treat yourself. It's the supermarket where you might want to shop every day. Other than that, Ootemori has a flower shop and a patisserie shop that will help you find the perfect souvenir Also, plaza space on the second basement, a market that you can drop in easily and different kinds of events are held on a regular basis.

Ootemori is a place where anyone as well as office workers can drop in easily and take a breather. As there are many restaurants offer take-out menus, you can bring some dishes back to your office and enjoy lunch. If you cannot decide what to prepare for lunch or dinner, just visit Ootemori at least once.

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