極味や 東京駅店
 極味や 東京駅店
 極味や 東京駅店

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  • addressGransta Yaekita 1F, 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • business_hour11:00~23:00(LO 9:30 P.M)
  • access2 minutes walk from Marunouchi North Exit of Tokyo Station
Shop Holidays none
Language(Other than Japanese) English, Korean
Homepage Adress https://www.kiwamiya.com/

Enjoy the juicy and exquisite hamburgers at Kiwami-ya in Gransta ‼Grandsta, a steak-like hamburger steak made from a unique blend of hot Japanese and Japanese beef, grilled to your liking, one bite at a time.


kiwamiya-ya Tokyo Station Branch is a hamburger steak specialty restaurant that opened in December 2022 in the Gransta Yaekita dining. The (kiwami-ya Hamburger Steak) is the store's signature menu item, with hamburgers grilled only on the surface and cooked to your own liking on a teppan. The beef is a blend of Kyushu black beef and Japanese beef, and the rice is from Saga Prefecture, freshly cooked in a hagama. We also offer Halal-certified hamburgers for Muslims.

kiwamiya hamburger steak

We are serious about meat and refine our products while imagining the smiles on our customers' faces that lie ahead. That is the kiwami-ya that is serious about meat. The style of eating a hamburger steak grilled on a teppan, one bite at a time to your liking, is truly a new sensation, allowing you to experience the taste of freshly grilled meat over and over again. The moment you take a bite of a freshly grilled hamburger, you will be amazed at the juices overflowing and the luxurious sweetness of the meat.

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