Made in ピエール・エルメ 丸の内
 Made in ピエール・エルメ 丸の内

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This is a concept store based in Tokyo Marunouchi meaning to present to the world the best of Japanese food, carefully selected by the world-known French patissier Pierre Hermé.
Here you can buy everything from selected regional foods made in collaboration with their producers to PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS's macaroon and chocolate, or baked confectionary gifts.
You can enjoy a light meal of delicatessen or sandwiches made of specical selection of ingerdients.


  • address1F Nijubashi Square, Marunouchi Nijubashi Bldg., 3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
  • tel03-3215-6622
  • business_hour10:00 - 22:00
    ※From December 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • access2-minutes' walk from Exit B7 of Hibiya Sta. on Hibiya Line of Tokyo Metro
    2-minutes' walk from Exit B7 of Yurakucho Sta. on JR Yamanote Line
    2-minutes' walk from Exit 1 of Nijubashi-mae Sta. on Chiyoda Line of Tokyo Metro
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  • Pierre Hermé Pickles
    Pickles made of delicacies from Ehime. All vegetables are grown in Ehime prefecture.
    Serve them as a separate side dish, add them to a bento box, as an appetizer ot as a relish.
    These handmade pickles are prepared with the intention of delivering the real flavor of the ingredients.
    They are cut and canned neatly for a pleasant look.
    No preserves of additives are used, which allows or enjoying the flavor of the spices.
  • Pierre Hermé SALAD DRESSING

    Have vegetables with vegetables with this dressing prepared from vegetables and a little oil. Safe and secure handmade dressing prepared with local organic vegetables. Over 85% of the vegetables have been grown in Kochi prefecture. We use lavishly tasty carrots grown by a producers' cooperative, which produces vegetables for us throughout the year.
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Pierre Hermé Original Blend Rice   Japanese/Western

Utilizing an ancient practice of cleaning the rice, by just chipping the exterior part slowly and carefully preserves the rice's original aroma and flavor.
This practice requires from five to seven times more care compared to the common practice and results in preserving the best qualities of the rice. The genmai yielded through this practice has been selected based on the strict criteria of the 5-star Okome Maistar store, which places a special focus on the balance of the five elements -- aroma, flavor, viscosity, texture and appearance.
(The ancient practice is a process where rice grains get peeled and polished by the fricition resulting from rubbing them against one another. The rice condition such as moisture, hardness of husk will determine the temperature and humidity during cleaning. This cleaning method by just chipping the exterior part slowly and carefully preserves the rice's original aroma and flavor.)
We offer different blends that can be used depending on whether you eat them Japanese style -- plain rice, or Western-style -- in pilaf or with sauce.

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  • Pierre Hermé Apron
    We collaborate with several fashion brands. These aprons are made to order by the brand Atelier Beton.
    It features a large pocket and the size is adjustable, which makes is easy to use by both men and women.

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