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  • address2 -101,105 Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • access2-minute walk from Subway "Shin-ochanomizu Sta."
    2-minute walk from Subway "Awajicho Sta."
    2-minute walk from Subway "Ogawamachi Sta."
    3-minute walk from JR/Subway "Ochanomizu Sta."
Parking Regular charge - 7:00 am to 9:00 pm: 300 yen/20 minutes, 9:00 pm to 7:00 am: 100 yen /30 minutes Maximum charge - Weekdays (7:00 am to 9:00 pm): 3,000 yen, Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays (7:00 am to 9:00 pm): 2,400 yen
Website https://www.waterras.com/index.html

With easy access from the station, WATERRAS is a facility complex where various kinds of cultures are created


2-minute walk from Subway "Shin-ochanomizu Sta.", 2-minute walk from Subway "Awajicho Sta." , and 3-minute walk from JR "Ochanomizu Sta.", 'WATERRAS' is a facility complex consisting of two buildings, the 41-story 'WATERRAS Tower' and 15-story 'WATERRAS Annex'. 'WATERRAS' opened in 2013, and was designed with the concept of the three WAs: 'Japanese', 'Circle' and 'Ring'. The inside of the buildings are composed of various facilities such as offices, residences, student apartments, commercial facilities, halls, and galleries.

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  • The commercial facilities that have been developed are located between the basement 1st floor to the 3rd floor of 'WATERRAS Annex'. Various tenants have been brought together such as drug stores, convenience stores, cafes, restaurants, clinics, gardening shops, etc. Among them, there is a total of 14 restaurants and cafes in business, and they can cater to whatever you need, from a dining bar to Italian, Japanese and Korean food. There is also a bakery on the 1st floor and a supermarket on the basement 1st floor, so it can be used as a place to shop for dinner or buy breakfast for the following day.
  • Halls and galleries are located between the 1st to 3rd floors of 'WATERRAS Tower', from the 4th to 19th floors there are offices, and between the 20th to 41st floors there are the housing tower residences. The walls of the gallery on the 2nd floor are covered with bookshelves, and it can be used as a free space to enjoy reading with coffee when it is not being used for exhibitions.
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In addition, the basement 1st floor to the 3rd floor of 'WATERRAS Annex' are used as shopping malls, the 4th to 13th floors are used as offices, and the 14th to 15th floors are used as for student housing specializing in apartments for students. Being involved in community activities is a condition for moving into this student housing.


'Awaji Park' adjoins the south side of WATERRAS.
This park, which was developed under the theme of 'Kanda Flower Calendar Park' has become a good place to relax for shoppers and residents. In the park, which also has streams and waterfalls, you can admire the nature of the four seasons, with the coexistence of buildings and nature being realized.

WATERRAS' is fit for a variety of situations, such as dining in restaurants, participating in events in the halls, or taking a break in the park. They especially recommend the restaurant area, where there is a wide and plentiful array of restaurants. If you are having trouble thinking of what to have for lunch or dinner, then please go visit.

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