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  • address1-13 Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • tel03-3251-1556
  • business_hourWeekdays 11:00 - 20:30 (L.O.20:00)
    Saturdays and national holidays 11:00 - 19:30 (LO.19:00)
Shop Holidays Sunday 
Language(Other than Japanese)  
Homepage Adress http://www.kanda-matsuya.jp/

Founded in 1884, Kanda Matsuya is a popular restaurant with a must-visit lineup that carries on the taste of Edo soba


Kanda Matsuya is a representative of Kanda's long-established soba noodle restaurants, where you can enjoy freshly made delicious soba noodles in a store full of downtown atmosphere, just a minute walk from the Michimachi Station.It is a popular restaurant where people still line up in anticipation of Matsuya's soba before it opens. The Morisoba, the base of Matsuya's buckwheat noodle, is a simple dish that lets you feel the original taste of buckwheat noodles, a true downtown taste.
Enjoy the unique flavor of handmade buckwheat noodles with just the right amount of texture, firmness, and smoothness.

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    Kashiwa Nanban Soba (Bird)

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    Exterior of Matsuya

Kashiwa Nanban Soba is a hot soba noodle with a generous portion of chicken in a slightly thick broth with dashi broth. The refreshing aroma of yuzu (Japanese citron) whets the appetite, making it a superb dish for a cold day.
The restaurant does not make special accommodations for Muslims, so neither the soba sauce nor the meat is halal-compliant, but there is no pork on the menu.

Matsuya's pure Japanese-style building has been selected as a historical building by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Eating soba in a restaurant with an old-fashioned atmosphere is chic and exceptional. Founded in 1884, please try the handmade Edo-mae soba and the strong downtown flavor.

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