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HOSHINOYA Tokyo is a Tower with elements of a "Ryokan" (Japanese-style hotel) in a vertical space with two basement levels and 17 floors above ground.
Each floor has six guest rooms and a lounge with shared space, and each floor is created in the image of one small Ryokan.
As a modern, evolved Ryokan that is not with traditional specifications of a garden and one-story wooden structure, this Ryokan provides a space of relaxation where you can enjoy the Japanese culture itself, such as the room etiquette and the behavior of the staff.


  • address1-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
  • access10 minute walk from the Marunouchi North Exit of Tokyo Station.
    2 minutes walk from Otemachi Subway Station Exit A1 and C2c.
Tel +81-50-3786-1144
Official site https://hoshinoya.com/tokyo/en

HOSHINOYA Tokyo represents a marriage of traditional Japanese architecture and contemporary lifestyle. In a traditional ryokan, soft tatami matting is only used in the rooms. Here, it is used throughout the corridors and common spaces for ultimate relaxation.
Much of the interior is finished in traditional Japanese style with tatami mat floors, and as is customary, guests must remove their shoes before stepping inside. Once they do, they are greeted with more Japanese architectural elements incorporated into contemporary designs that showcase excellent craftsmanship. The shoji paper sliding doors, wood, bamboo, and plasterwork all come together to make HOSHINOYA Tokyo a unique place unlike any other.

A bamboo closets and sofas featuring tasteful cypress craft and windows concealed by shoji paper screens provide these rooms with a traditionally Japanese aesthetic.
The most standard room type, Sakura rooms are located near the ochanoma lounge to entice you to frequent the lounge - the traditional center of activity in an authentic ryokan. You can choose between a twin or double bed; both are designed to resemble a Japanese futon to enhance the Japanese atmosphere.    

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  • Every floor features a common lounge called "Ochanoma Lounge" exclusively for guests staying on that floor. Seasonal tea and snacks are served during the day. Guests are encouraged to use the space as a semi-private study or living room, where they are free to read a book, finish some work, or mingle with other guests and staff.


  • The HOSHINOYA Tokyo dining incorporates a new culinary style into its dinner menu "Nippon Cuisine" - a type of location-specific French cuisine.
    The award-winning Executive Chef Noriyuki Hamada uses his trained French techniques to produce meticulously designed dishes prepared with Japanese local ingredients, mainly fish and seasonings from all over Japan.                                


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HOSHINOYA Tokyo is situated in Otemachi, the economic center of Japan, surrounded by the giants of media and finance and next to the Imperial Palace.
HOSHINOYA Tokyo is uniquely created as a "Japanese Ryokan" reminiscent of a "Tower".
A ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn where you can relax in a tatami-floored room with hot spring baths while dining on seasonal cuisine. Ryokans, however, are hard to find in large cities because they are more typically located in scenic areas such as in the mountains or by the ocean where the beauty of the seasons are celebrated.
At HOSHINOYA Tokyo, you can enjoy the ancient natural beauties of Japan without leaving the urban center of Tokyo. Enjoy the valuable moment of this once-in-a-lifetime encounter at HOSHINOYA Tokyo.  


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