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  • "Everybody loves playing!" Special by Editor-in-Chief Marei
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We introduce attractive spots in Chiyoda Ward chosen by Editor-in-Chief Marei: 

Do you remember your childhood when playing was the most fun thing to do in the world? But let's be honest. Playing is still so much fun after we're grown up!
Boardgames for playing alone, with a friend or in a group, trying out nostalgic arcade games, or aiming at the target at an airsoft gun shooting range...there is so much to discover!
This time, Editor-in-Chief Marei visited different kinds of stores in Chiyoda Ward, which all share one thing, which is "the fun of playing"!

Sugorokuya Jimbocho StoreWelcome to the fun world of board games!

"Sugorokuya Jimbocho" is a specialty store that sells board games from all over the world.

  • The store is has different sections divided by age groups and occasion, such as "Easy for children," "Fun for two players", and "Games for grown ups." Some games are as short as a few minutes, while others are strategic games that take more than an hour to play.
    With an astonishing board games lineup, you will find the perfect match according to your needs. Browsing through the store feels like a treasure hunt! You will get absorbed in the process for sure.
    "Sugorokuya Jimbocho" sells board games from various countries, so even if you know a lot of board games, there will still be games you've never heard of. Some of the games have explanations in English, too.
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Board game trial play

One unique service of the shop is their game corner. Here, you can try out games recommended by the staff. Sometimes it’s nice to have the change to actually play a game because playing it makes you understand its appeal and if it’s the perfect fit for you.

Board games also make a nice gift. The store staff will help you choose a board game like a wine sommelier, so don't worry and dive into the world of board games!


 Sugorokuya Jimbocho Store

Sugorokuya Jimbocho Store Read more

Address Kanda Kosho Center 7th floor, 2-3 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6261-2122
Business Hour 平日:12:00-19:00 土日祝:11:00-20:00

Shooting Range TARGET-1 Akihabara BranchAirsoft gun shooting range in Akihabara!

“TARGET-1” is an airsoft gun shooting range located just halfway between JR Akihabara Station and JR Ochanomizu Station. For teir many foreign guests, the shooting range has price lists in English and Chinese available.

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    Inside “TARGET-1” in Akihabara

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    Staff will help you to find the perfect fit for you!

If you own an airgun (airsoft gun), you can bring it to the shooting range and use it there. Or you can also choose a plan including one type of airgun. But if you are new to airsoft sports, the by far best option is the special “Omakase Shooting Course Plan”. This plan is available on weekdays only, but you get to try every type of airgun you like while the pricing is also very reasonable. Of course, advanced players may also choose this plan.

“TARGET-1” has three ranges with different distances. 5m, 10m, and one amazing 15m range!

The teacher will show beginners how to use the gear. We I visited the shooting range, my teacher used pictures to show me what I should see when aiming at the target, which was very helpful and easy to understand. When I aimed at the target and shot for the first time, it was a hit! What a wonderful feeling!“TARGET-1” is a big recommendation for groups of friends or couples, because you can play against each other. I found out that learning how to use air guns improves your concentration and muscles. These guys are heavy!

 Shooting Range TARGET-1 Akihabara Branch

Shooting Range TARGET-1 Akihabara Branch Read more

Address Union Building Koshin B1F, 2-9-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3525-4284
Business Hour 平日13時~21時 土日祝日11時~21時 (最終受付時間は20:30)

SUPERPOTATO Retro Games Akihabara Main StoreFind your favorite childhood game at a retro games store!

"Super Potato Akihabara" is a retro game specialty store. In addition to selling games, they also sell retro candy and character items. The highligh of the store is a game center with nostalgic arcade games.

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  • Browsing through the games corner, I found a lot of games I played (or wanted to play) when I was a child. The store’s homepage declares the shop as the “No.1 in retro game inventory in Japan!”. I guess, that's true. It's a lot of fun to stroll around the shelves and travel back into your childhood!

On the 5th floor of the building, you’ll find a true Japanese game center with a lot of retro arcade games. Many games can be played by two people, starting from 100 yen per play, so bring your friends and family! For those who love games, especially those who want to play or buy nostalgic titles, Akihabara’s “Super Potato” is a gamer’s heaven where you can spend several hours browsing and playing games.

Look at this row of arcade games!

If you want to rediscover the fun of retro games, you should visit "Super Potato Akihabara"!

 SUPERPOTATO Retro Games Akihabara Main Store

SUPERPOTATO Retro Games Akihabara Main Store Read more

TEL 03-5289-9933
Business Hour 平日:11:00〜20:00 土日祝:11:00〜20:00(年中無休)




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