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"Former Tailor Tsuruya'' is a fun variety store located in the book town of Jimbocho.


  • address1-3-3 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • business_hourFridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 14:00-18:00
  • access2 minutes walk from Jimbocho Station "A7" exit
Closed Monday-Thursday
“(Former) Tailor Tsuruya” has a retro pop exterior

As the store name suggests, "Former Tailor Tsuruya" was originally a men's tailing store specializing in made-to-order garments. The building, constructed in 1928, follows the architectural style known as "signboard architecture." This style entails adopting a quasi-Western architectural design only for the front facade of the building, which serves both as a store and a residence.

The decision to close the tailor shop was made by the third-generation owner. Presently, the owner's niece utilizes the building's retro charm to create original goods and curate a collection of old and new items, books, and secondhand clothing.

The fun store lined with used books, clothes, tableware, accessories, antiques, and original miscellaneous goods.

According to the owner, Mrs. Iwafune, the aim of sustaining a small business in this kind of old-style building, is to keep it enjoyable and operational at the same time. She carefully selected "products that fit the store's style," and before she knew it, the atmosphere had evolved into what it is today. Having graduated from an art college, she gradually began working on original and collaborative products.

(Top left/bottom) "Jacket pochette" made to imitate a jacket using fabrics from the tailor shop days and new fabrics. (Top right) Amimono☆Horinouchi's knit bag. (Bottom right) Collaboration by Rina Yoshioka and (formerly) Tsuruya Clothing Store: Delicious Tie "TABE-Tie".

Among the popular products of "Former Tailor Tsuruya" are pochette and pouch bags crafted from fabrics both from the tailor's era and contemporary materials. If you observe the pochette closely, you'll notice a curvature reminiscent of a jacket. Illustrator Rina Yoshioka's creations, which exude a retro Showa era charm, are particularly favored by foreign tourists. Another notable attraction is the knit bags by Amimono☆Horinouchi. These vibrant bags, often depicting celebrities or illustrations, can also be customized upon request. Why not pay a visit to "Former Tailor Tsuruya" and discover a personal treasure?

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