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A number of well-established antiquarian bookstores, curry restaurants and stationery shops with a long history gather along Suzuran-dori St. representing the features of Jimbocho.


  • address1 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
  • access3-minute walk from Subway Jimbocho Sta. Exit A5

Book Festival is held every fall. There are bookstores and art supply stores that have long history in a row along Suzuran-dori St. in Jimbocho.

Jimbocho is one of the world's famous antiquarian Book Town. Suzuran-dori St. is known as a shopping district to represent Jimbocho. Along the street, mainly bookstores, there are many famous art supply shops, coffee shops with long history. We will introduce you to the major shops on Suzuran-dori St.


Soon after you enter the Suzuran-dori St. arch, you will find Books Tokyodo on your left. The three-story store features a deep and abundant selection of books, not only most talked about books, but also art books, literature in Japan and overseas. Also, on the shelf of Fountain of Knowledge installed on the central floor on the first floor, various categories of books such as best-selling books and hard core specialized books gather. You can have a new experience of opening a new door of interest that bookstores can offer. It is also recommended to open the book you purchased over a cup of coffee at Paper Back Cafe, adjoining on the first and second floors.


Another attractive feature of Suzuran-dori St. is that specialized old bookstores are scattered on the street. For example, at Nagamori, they mainly deal in prewar postcards, travel guides, old maps, wartime materials and so on. Uchiyama deals in a lot of Chinese and Asian books. Kenjushorin carries books related with culture like movies and music. There are many unique antiquarian bookstores. Jimbocho Book Festival is held every fall on Suzuran-dori St. Mostly from publishers, there are many booths along the street and you can see a broad range of genres of books.


Jimbocho is also famous as a curry town. You can taste exquisite curry on this Suzuran-dori St. At Marebito, nearby Jimbocho Station, they serve a set of handmade soba with 100% buchwheat flour and keema curry. You can fully enjoy authentic handmade soba and keema curry containing soba sauce. And at well-established coffee shop Salon de Fuzambo Folio, they serve Folio Specialty Beef Curry. They simmer fruits and beef tendon meat until they melt and it is their masterpiece of cuisine.


Nearby the entrance of Suzuran-dori St., there is a well-established art supply shop, Bunbodo that opened in Meiji 20 (1887). From the first basement to the seventh floor in the shop, they carry art supply items, miscellaneous goods and frames as well. On the third floor lies Bunboudo Gallery Cafe where you can enjoy art and coffee, and on the fourth floor lies a gallery, also on the fifth and seventh floor, they have an art school. For information, on the first floor where there are miscellaneous items, they sell a lot of cat motif items. If you are a cat lover, it is an attractive floor.

Along Suzuran-dori St., you can find attractive features of Jimbocho such as bookstores, curry restaurants, art supply shops. Please come visit Jimbocho Book Festival held every fall.

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