GAIA お茶の水店
 GAIA お茶の水店

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GAIA Ochanomizu Store - Find Vegan and Vegetarian Items Like You’re in a Treasure Hunt!


  • address3-3-13 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • tel03-3219-4865
  • business_hourMon-Fri 11:30-19:30
    Saturday, Sunday and national holidays 11:30-18:30
    1 minute walk from B3 exit of Shin-ochanomizu Subway station.
    5 minutes walk from Subway Ogawamachi station.
    7 minutes walk from Subway Awajicho station.
Shop Holidays none
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GAIA Ochanomizu Store - Find Vegan and Vegetarian Items Like You’re in a Treasure Hunt!

a wide range of special products in the shop.

This shop was established in Ochanomizu as the ecology shop GAIA. It has since expanded into the Yoyogi Uehara shop and online shopping.
Here, you can find organic, eco-friendly and macrobiotic foods and sundries. A wide range of goods are available including products that share the companies’ morals, are environmentally and people-friendly, safe and secure, and support the environment, human rights and welfare activities.

vegan cookies.

GAIA also has many items that vegans and vegetarians can safely buy. These range from popular items that you may have seen before in your local supermarket to treasures that you may be seeing for the first time!
There is also a wide range of meat alternatives such as soya meat, which has gained a lot of attention in more recent years. There are also some unusual ingredients, including products using tofu and vegan sweets. The amount of options for consumers is mind-blowing!
If you find a product you are interested in, ask the staff for more details and you may discover something new! Please treat the shop like you would a treasure hunt!

Vegetarian in this website means that no meat or seafood is used as an ingredient, while "vegan" means that no meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, honey or other animal products are used as an ingredient.

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