BAR CAFE 三月の水
 BAR CAFE 三月の水

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This is a curry restaurant and bar with a "hideout" theme, opened in June 2016 by the music label Natural Hi-Tech Records.


  • address3rd floor, Kanyo Building, 3-14-2 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • tel03-5281-7670
  • business_hourMonday - Friday
    Lunch Time 11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30)
    DINNER Time 18:30-24:00 (L.O.23:00)
  • access8 minutes walk from Ochanomizu Station, Ochanomizu Bridge Exit
    3 minutes walk from Jimbocho Station, Jimbocho A5 exit
Shop Holidays Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
Language (Other than Japanese) English
Homepage Adress
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    BAR CAFE Sangatsu no Mizu" is located on the third floor of this building.

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    The theme of the unique store is "hideaway". The restaurant owner created it as a DIY project.

"BAR CAFE Sangatsu no Mizu" serves delicious dishes with various carefully selected ingredients, mainly Asian cuisine. The lunch menu features curry, and the evening menu offers curry and bar food to be enjoyed with drinks. In addition, the "Coconut Oyster Curry" was the winner of the "Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2023," an event in which the best curry is chosen by curry fans, and was awarded third place. It had previously won second place in the same event.

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    The restaurant's logo is displayed above the bar counter.

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    The unique interior is eye-catching. Faces of famous people are painted on the walls.

The owner, Mr. Hayashi, is a curry lover who also appears in the curry comic "Curry Man". Thinking he would take over the family business on the first floor of the same building, "Kanyoro," an old Chinese restaurant that was visited by Zhou Enlai, he decided to persue his own path: opening a curry store after starting a music label on the third floor of the building,

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    "Saag (green vegetable) curry" blended with lots of vegetables

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    "Vietnamese Chicken Coconut Curry"

The restaurant offers various types of curry. The non-water Vietnamese coconut curry series, which is cooked without water but with coconut milk instead, is simply rich and exquisite. The owner of the restaurant loves the mild and spicy coconut curry of Vietnam and has traveled there many times to perfect the recipe. The "Saag (green vegetable) curry", which is made by blending vegetables, is also very rare, and is also available for vegetarians and vegans. If you visit the restaurant, order two half-size curries and choose "Saag (green vegetable) curry" as one of the two. You will be addicted!

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