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About Keiki-Dokoro AMATERRACE How about “Keiki(cake)” in Tokyo souvenirs.We are "Japanese pound cake" shop on the approach of "Tokyo Daijingu", also known as the Ise Shrine of Tokyo.
“Keiki(cake)” of our shop is an original kneaded with plenty of Mitsuimo (Honey Sweet Potato) from Tanegashima in the dough, that cannot be tasted at other shops.We use carefully selected ingredients and baked “Keiki(cake)” one by one with all our heart. Please enjoy our “Keiki (cake)”.


  • address2-5-101 4-chome Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • tel03-5357-1256
  • business_hour10: 00-19: 00 on weekdays, 10: 00-18: 00 on weekends and holidays
  • access5 minutes on foot from "JR Sobu Line Iidabashi Station West Exit ''
    15 minutes on foot from Iidabashi Station on the Subway Yurakucho Line, Namboku Line, Tozai Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line
Regular holiday Wednesday           
HP https://www.cake-amaterrace.jp/
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  • Keiki (cake) of Japanese Chestnut
  • There are a lot of two kinds of Chestnuts in the cake: Maple maron and Shibugawa.The compatibility with the Mitsuimo (Honey Sweet Potato) dough is also good.This Keiki (cake) a filling and our most recommendation.


  • Keiki (cake) of Walnut

    Three layers with plenty of Walnuts. Combined with Sanzashi(Chinese Hawthorn-berry) and Brown sugar, it is a product with a condensed flavor. Once you start eating it will not stop.

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  • Keiki (cake) of Apple  
  • The flavor and flesh of Apples are amazing!
  • With plenty of Apples boiled with Additive-free Brown sugar, along with Rum raisins and Cinnamon. It goes very well with the  Mitsuimo (Honey Sweet potate) dough and is delicious.


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    En-musubi (mariage) Keiki (cake)

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Pound Cake baked with special ingredients such as “Golden Mitsuimo (Honey sweet potato)” from Tanegashima was cut for one person.

When baked, the Mitsuimo (Honey Sweet Potato) spouts the honey, and the sugar content becomes 40 degrees.The natural and rich sweetness and moist texture of additive-free organic brown sugar produced on the same Tanegashima.That is the secret of deliciousness not found in other pound cakes.

Our shop's “Keiki (cake)” does not use white sugar, trans-fatty, margarine or baking powder.

It is baked with the power of fresh eggs and fermented butter.

Our shop's “Keiki (cake)” is baked one by one in a custom-made wooden box.
In an iron mold does not allow the fire to spread evenly over the honey dough, so put the dough in a custom-made wooden box and bake it slowly with gentle heat conduction at low temperatures.By baking it in a wooden box, it was possible to make the most of the original taste of Mitsuimo (Honey sweet potato)) and finish it with a moist texture.  


We are waiting for you, "Keiki (cake)" baked in a custom-made wooden box and put it in an original box with a traditional vermilion family crestand, wrap it in high quality Japanese paper.
Please drop in at our shop when you visit "Tokyo Daijingu", also known as the Ise Shrine of Tokyo, or when you give a gift to someone special.

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