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Jimbocho has over 50 curry stores where all different types of curry can be enjoyed, ranging from European and Western curry to Indian curry. A fierce curry-fuelled battleground has formed in Jimbocho. Here are four specialty curry stores curry-lovers should keep an eye on.


  • addressKanda-Jimbocho area, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Introducing 4 recommended stores in Jimbocho, a curry battlefield.

Sumatra Curry Kyoeido

  • Just a 1-minute walk from the station on Yasukuni-dori Avenue, 'Sumatra Curry Kyoeido' is long-established, having been founded in 1918. As you go down the stairs of the building with a green billboard, you can see the store door on the right.

    Here, they offer an original roux-based curry from Sumatra, Indonesia that has been made to suit the Japanese taste palette. Their dark black roux, containing more than 20 different spices, is a rich dish that has simmered for multiple hours. The smooth potage provided entices you into a neverending cycle of sweet and spicy.
    Sumatra Curry Kyoeido (https://visit-chiyoda.tokyo/app/spot/detail/350
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Curry Restaurant Bondy

  • "Curry Restaurant Bondy" is located in an alley a few steps back from Yasukuni-dori Avenue after leaving the station. Their simmered fruit and vegetable roux is an exquisite gem with a masterful balance of spice and sweetness. The rich roux goes incredibly well with the melted cheese on rice. A tip is to mix the buttered potato with the curry before eating.
    Curry Restaurant Bondy (https://visit-chiyoda.tokyo/app/spot/detail/376
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Kitchen Nankai Jimbocho

  • "Kitchen Nankai" is about a 4-minute walk from the station towards Ogawamachi. Their signature dish, 'Katsu Curry' is characteristic for its mellow, black roux. Provided with a generous portion of crispy cutlets and cabbage, it is a satisfying dish. There are also plenty of fried food toppings as options, such as the 'cream croquette', 'chicken cutlet', and 'fried shrimp'.
    Kitchen Nankai Jimbocho (https://visit-chiyoda.tokyo/app/spot/detail/388
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  • "Ethiopia" is a specialised store about a 3-minute walk from the station, along Meidai-dori Street. The long-simmered roux has a distinctive vegetable flavor and a smooth texture. The curry contains 12 different types of spices including Chinese medicinal herbs, making it a healthy treat. You can choose the spiciness from 0 to 70 so it's a great location for spicy-food lovers.
    Ethiopia (https://visit-chiyoda.tokyo/app/spot/detail/377
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The town of Jimbocho is filled with famous curry shops. Recently, the "Kanda Curry Grand Prix" and the "Kanda Curry Street Eating Walk Stamp Rally" have been held in areas of Kanda including Jimbocho. The event program for 2021 is still pending, but there are many popular stores in Jimbocho, as well as the greater Kanda area, outside of the ones mentioned on this list. So please come and find a curry that makes you want to come back countless times.

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