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Kissho Bunsendo, on Suzuran-dori Avenue in Kanda-Jimbocho, is a shop of authentic Japanese sweets for each season, and is popular for gifts, tea cakes, okaki, etc.
Among them, the most famous sweet for their good fortune is the one that is based on the motif of a coin: the Ichimonsen, thrown by the hero of the historical drama "Zenigata Heiji", which is well known in Japan.


  • addressSuzuran-dori Ave., 1-13-1 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku
  • tel03-3292-0003
  • business_hourWeekdays: 9:00am - 7:00pm
    Saturdays & holidays: 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • access・1-minute walk from Subway "Jimbocho
     Sta." Exit A7 (Suzuran-dori Ave. Exit)
    ・8-minute walk from
     JR "Ochanomizu Sta." Ochanomizubashi Exit
Closed Sundays
Website http://www.kanda-bunsendo.com/
  • Monaka (Zenigata Heiji Monaka)

    The motif of Monaka (bean paste sandwiched between two wafers made from sticky rice) is inspired by old Japanese coins, the Ichimonsen. This highest quality Monaka made with chestnut is worthy of the bravery of Zenigata Heiji.

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  • Fresh Moon & Fresh Roman

    These nutritious confections are made with fresh eggs, butter and milk.
    Moon is sandwiched with buttercream and Roman is sandwiched with apricot jam. It's the perfect treat for coffee, tea or green tea.


  • Dorayaki

    The an (bean paste) is made with high quality Dainagon (chunky sweet red bean paste), and the dough is baked each piece at a time to protect the handmade process.

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  • Konomi (Walnut)

    Baked with fine quality walnuts and smooth bean paste mixed with sesame seeds.。


  • Kasugano (Almond)

    It is baked using carefully selected smooth red bean paste. White bean paste and almond slices are added to it.

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  • Kuri Hitotsu (Chestnut)

    A luxurious sweet baked with bean paste and a whole chestnut (Kuri)  wrapped in it.


  • Ringo-Hime & Shiawase-Imo 

    Seasonal Fuji apple and sweet potato paste are wrapped in a pie crust.

    *This is a seasonal baked goods. It is not available during the summer season.

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