Iidabashi・Kudan・Ichigaya・Kitanomaru Event Sugiura Hisui: Image Collector 【Finished】


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The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Exhibitions


Zuan artist Sugiura Hisui (1876-1965) took an important role in the earliest days of Japanese graphic design. He actively promoted Zuan in his publications co-authored with Watanabe Soshu (1890-1986)—“Zuan no Bigaku (Aesthetics of Zuan)” and “Jitsuyo Zuan Shiryo Taisei (Compilation of practical Zuan materials)” and was engaged in Zuan education as the first president of Tama Imperial Art School (now Tama Art University) founded in 1935.  In addition to Sugiura’s representative works such as posters for Mitsukoshi department store and various cover designs for books and magazines, the exhibition will showcase materials previously owned by Sugiura including French illustrated newspaper “L’Illustration”, American graph magazine “LIFE”, and his scrapbooks for the first time so as to reveal another dimension of Sugiura’s creative practice as an image collector.

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