Sakura Souvenirs

Sakura Souvenir Shops

The Chiyoda City Tourism Association has selected a popular collection of sakura souvenirs for sale at two locations, only during the sakura festival. A portion of the proceeds from all items sold will be donated to a sakura fund for restoring the cherry trees along the moat.
【Souvenir Shops】
1st Tourist Information Desk Sales Booth [9:30am to 7pm] (On sale throughout the Chiyoda City Sakura Festival)
Chiyoda City Tourism Association Information Center [10am to 6pm] (On sale throughout the Chiyoda City Sakura Festival)

  • Sakura Bekko CandySakura Bekko Candy

    500yen / a bag

    This traditional Japanese candy contains a salted cherry blossom petal inside each piece. The bag's design was inspired by some of the famous sakura sites around Chiyoda.

  • Chidori's Blessings Series  Sakura Bath Chidori's Blessings Series Sakura Bath
    900yen / a bag(contains 3 pieces)

    This milky bath additive contains silky moisturizing components extracted from the cherished sakura blossoms that bloom around Chidori-ga-fuchi.

  • Chidori's Blessings Series  Sakura Bath Samurai Ver. Chidori's Blessings Series Sakura Bath Samurai Ver.
    1,500yen / a bag(contains 3 pieces)

    Featuring a limited edition "Samurai" package. Pull the genuine mizuhiki cord specially crafted by Japanese artisans.

  • Sakura Strap Sakura Strap

    Small 600yen

    Only available here, this strap is made from old sakura trees found along the Imperial Palace moat. The tone and feel of the natural wood grain changes gradually with time, making each strap truly one of a kind.

  • Ancient Map of Edo Castle - Mini Towel Ancient Map of Edo Castle - Mini Towel
    500yen / a tile

    This extra absorbent mini towel features a detailed, specially printed map of the ancient castle of Edo. Available only here, this is the perfect souvenir for your Tokyo travels.

  • Sakura-dyed Handkerchief Sakura-dyed Handkerchief

    Large 2000yen / Small 1000yen

    This prized handkerchief has been dyed using branches from Chidori-ga-fuchi's sakura. Every batch is hand-dyed so no two are the same, giving each handkerchief its own unique character.

  • Magic Sakura Chiyoda Magic Sakura Chiyoda
    600yen / a item

    This popular product is made using extracts from Chidori-ga-fuchi's sakura. In 6 hours' time, it will appear just as if a sakura has bloomed.

  • Postcards Postcards
    100yen / a postcard

    We have designed 5 types of original postcards featuring famous sakura locations around Chiyoda.

  • Chidori-ga-fuchi's Sakura Chidori-ga-fuchi's Sakura
    400yen / a book

    This sakura handbook was composed by the sakura coordinator Hitomi Okamura. Covering topics such as the origin of Chiyoda's cherry blossoms and the history of Chidori-ga-fuchi, this book is the perfect accompaniment for a brisk spring walk.



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